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Car alarms are essential if you want peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle. Car alarm experts have in depth knowledge about cars’ interiors, so they can install these alarm systems. These companies have infrastructures to support the various features of car alarms. This enables car alarm experts to track and find vehicles if they’re stolen.

Popular Car Alarm Services Include:

Supply and installation of alarm systems

South Africans do all they can to keep their vehicles safe. Unfortunately car theft is a rampant crime all over the country. One way of fighting this crime is via car alarms. The various systems available include:

- Alarm systems - Immobilizers

If thieves hear an alarm go off, or see an immobilizer, they may decide to leave the car instead of attracting attention to themselves. The sound of the alarm alerts vehicle owners and bystanders that something is amiss so the authorities can be called to assist.

Vehicle tracking

South African criminals are skilled at overriding some car alarms. If in these cases the cars are stolen, they can be tracked via a GPS system. This tracking device needs to be installed in the car and car alarm experts keep logs of the car’s movements. Upon tampering of your vehicle, the system will be alerted and the car alarm experts will send out search vehicles to find the vehicle.

Automotive sound services

The trend of improving vehicles’ sound systems is quite popular among South Africa’s younger generation. Many car alarm experts offer an additional service of automotive sound installations. Their expert knowledge of cars affords them the skill necessary to design quality car sound systems.

Customised extras

State of the art technology enables car alarm experts to offer clients a range of excellent and interesting features. Many of these increase the security of vehicles:

  • Keyless entry options
  • Impact sensing
  • Remote start
  • Remote vehicle operation

5 Tips when you need a Car Alarm

1. Make sure you don’t know the detail

The position of a vehicle’s tracking system should not be known to the vehicle owner. If you’re high-jacked and the criminals want information from you, you won’t be able to give them the location. Most criminals know this and don’t even ask the owners. Not knowing this information therefore protects car owners.

2. Do they use new technology?

Car alarm experts must stay informed of new developments and technology. This is essential to give clients the best service possible. Ask your car alarm experts about new developments and make sure you get state of the art equipment installed. The newer your equipment is, the longer you’ll be able to use it, because older models are usually phased out of the system.

3. Test the system

The only way you can be sure the car alarm experts did an excellent job, is by testing their handiwork. Though car alarm experts say they test all units, you should also make sure everything is in order. Trigger the alarm on purpose and tamper with the tracking system. This serves two purposes:

  • You now know what your alarm sounds like, so you can recognise it and respond when necessary.
  • If the alarm is connected to a tracking system, you can see if the system is activated. Confirm that the car alarm experts received an alert. If they didn’t, they must amend the system.

4. What brands do they use?

Certain security systems are well known, because they offer the best items on the market. Employ car alarm experts that use these excellent brands, rather than cheap systems that may have many defects.

5. Read a few reviews

Educate yourself about the car alarm experts in your area. Reviews and word of mouth will inform you of their level of service. Your car is valuable, so you must entrust its security to a worthy company.

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