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Car rental companies are the best solution whenever your own transport is not available. Car rental companies have a fleet of vehicles available. The public—or corporate companies—can hire these vehicles for specific periods of time, in return for payment. Car rental companies have various types of vehicles in their fleets. This allows clients to pick one that is ideal for a particular use.

Popular Car Rental Services Include:

Car rental services

South Africa has many well-known car rental companies and a few international ones as well. Apart from this there are many privately owned, small car rental companies. Some of them offer taxi services, while most are focused on renting out vehicles for private use.

Accommodation and tourist assistance

Many car rental services are located at or near South African airports. This perfectly positions them to assist tourists and travellers. To enhance their services to tourists, they offer assistance in obtaining accommodation. They can also advise on local attractions, so tourists can quickly garner necessary information of the area.

Chauffeur services

Some car rental companies offer a specialised chauffeur service. This is ideal when travelling in areas with very little parking, as many South African cities are. This service is also beneficial when clients don’t want to drive themselves at night, or after they consumed alcohol.

Large vehicle rentals

Most car rental requests in South Africa are for normal sedans, but car rental companies also have the following vehicles in their fleets:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Vans

These vehicles are perfect when large groups travel or a lot of items must be transported.

GPS rentals

Car rental companies make it easy for their clients to travel across South Africa. Some rental companies offer a GPS as a standard luxury, while others offer it at additional cost. Smartphones are handy in locating places, but a GPS may be more accurate and seldom loses signal.

5 Tips when you Rent a Car

1. What do other people say?

There are many small car rental companies, but rather opt to use the well-known ones. Their excellent reputation comes from clients that know they are trustworthy. With these companies you’re assured of excellent customer service and the cars are in good condition.

2. Compare rates

You can still look for bargains by comparing the large companies’ rates. With different sized fleets, you may find an excellent rate at one company when the other already booked out all its vehicles for a specific time.

3. Look for specials and discounts

Some car rental companies offer specials from time to time. Search websites for information about this, so you can incorporate it into your booking. Many car rental companies offer discounts to loyalty point holders of other institutions. Ask about these so all possible discounts can help you keep travel costs low.

4. Make sure of your safety

If you plan on having a vehicle delivered to you, you should keep your safety in mind. Criminals can easily impersonate a rental company’s employees and attack you when they reach you. Ask a friend or security company to wait with you until you’re on your way and the rental company employee has left. Unfortunately you can never be too vigilant.

5. Make sure who should be in the driver seat

Car rental companies always register a particular person as the driver. Don’t take this arrangement too lightly. No other person should drive the vehicle. Insurance will fall away if an accident happens and the original driver isn’t in the driver’s seat. If you need to have an additional driver for long distances, rather pay to register another person as a driver too.

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