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In need of some woodwork? Chances are you’ll want to hire an expert carpenter. Carpenters work with all types of wood and can specialize in many different areas, including framing, finishing and custom-made furniture. For help choosing the right carpenter for your job, read the following information to make an informed decision:

Popular Carpentry Services Include:

Dry walling for practical purposes

Many South Africans turn home spaces into office space, because it makes financial sense. Large home spaces can be divided up to form cubicles and create privacy. An affordable option is to let carpenters install dry wall partitions. Dry walls can be painted according to the style the space requires.

Remodelling your home

Remind yourself of South Africa’s natural beauty by using wood as your main material during house remodelling. Carpenters can install rough oak as exposed beams or increase your storage space with teak cupboards. Cherry wood panelling will give a room a whole new look.

Repairs to wooden furniture

South Africa has unpredictable weather patterns. When a sudden rain shower results in water damage to wooden furniture outside, tend to it before it rots. Carpenters can sand down and varnish less damaged pieces. If an item can’t be saved, have it replaced. They can obtain the right piece of wood, treat it and then varnish it so it matches the existing pieces.

Timber porch decking

A South African sunset can best be viewed from a timber porch after a long day. Decking must be installed by expert carpenters. They have the necessary knowledge to prepare the floor underneath and plan a drainage system.

Carpenters will make sure the wood is well treated for the blistering African sun. They will give you advice on how to care for the wood in future. These precautions ensure you’ll use your deck for years to come without seeing the wood split or deteriorate.

Jobs requiring different materials

When planning your new cupboards, complement South African wood types with marble tops or glass inlays. Expert carpenters avail themselves of the necessary knowledge to install these materials. They offer you a one-stop service so you don’t have to hire more than one contractor for a single project.

Timeless furniture

Spending time around the dining room table is tradition in South Africa. Some carpenters are experts at making furniture. Order a custom sized table with chairs that can become an heirloom to pass down in your family.

5 Tips when Hiring a Carpenter

1. Compare rates

Carpenters quote differently based upon their experience with a certain task, the tools they have available and the distance they need to travel. Settle on a quote that fits your requirements and budget.

2. Ask for references

The best way to determine carpenters’ quality of work is to contact a previous employer. You’ll get honest feedback to consider along with the quote and you can find out if they’re easy to work with.

3. Look at previous work

Expert carpenters should have a portfolio ready in the form of photographs. You can view this to determine whether the workmanship is in line with what you need.

4. Discuss terms in detail

Don’t assume carpenters will know what is expected of them. Make sure there’s a signed contract in place that stipulates responsibilities, timelines and cost. Without a contract you may be left with uncompleted work.

5. How many are in the carpentry team?

Security risks should prompt you to recognise who will have access to your premises & assets. The risk of theft increases when many people work on one site. This knowledge can assist you in managing safety and security aspects throughout the project.

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