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Carpets in homes and corporate areas accumulate dust & grime that require deep cleaning once in a while. Carpet cleaners are experts at this process as well as removing stains, so used carpets regain some lustre. Carpet cleaners expertly use machines and chemicals to reach this goal.

Popular Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a popular floor covering in South Africa. It adds a cosy feeling to rooms. It’s a safe option, especially in children’s rooms if you want to prevent injuries from falls, or need non-slip surfaces.

Carpet cleaners help South Africans to keep carpets in excellent condition. They can tend to carpets on a regular basis, or once-off whenever deep seeded grime or a stain requires the service. They make use of industrial sized machines. Their chemicals lift stains without destroying all the carpet’s colour.

Upholstery cleaning

The same techniques that clean carpets can be used on upholstery, furniture and curtains. Carpet cleaners can tend to most home items that are covered in fabric. The work can be done on site, so there’s no necessity to transport large items elsewhere for cleaning.

Water extraction

South Africa’s rainstorms may cause flooding from time to time. Carpet cleaners help home owners return their houses to its previous condition after a flood. Apart from cleaning house items, their machines are excellent at extracting water. This can be to remove water lying on tiles, or extracting it from wet carpets.

Pest control services

Carpet cleaners are experts at removing dirt, but also some pests. Pests that are usually found in carpets and upholstery—such as dust mites—can be tended to during a cleaning session.

5 Tips when you need Carpet Cleaners

1. Read reviews

It’s imperative to find carpet cleaners who will give you excellent service. You don’t want to employ a company who will destroy your carpets and furniture, rather than clean it. The chemicals these cleaners use are potent, so they need to be used correctly. Read what others say about the company, so you know you’re hiring true professionals.

2. Ask about the timeline

When you plan a timeline, remember that you have to allow time for the carpet to dry before you can use the area again. Ask your cleaner how long cleaning will take and how long it usually takes to dry, so you can plan around it.

3. Ask about dos and don’ts

Walking on wet carpets causes new stains. This is simply one of the many maintenance tips your carpet cleaners should give you. Ask them what else you should keep in mind before, during and after cleaning.

4. How can you maintain your carpets?

Your carpet cleaners know exactly how to take care of flooring and carpets. Ask them how you can keep your carpet looking great for longer. Ask about the best cleaning products to use and which cleaning procedures work best. If you look after the carpet, you may not need their services as often.

5. Get a few free quotes

Many carpet cleaners offer free quotes. This is the best way to make sure you employ the best company in the end, because you can compare a few quotes before making a decision. You may find one more affordable, while another has better reviews. Take a chance and ask the latter for price adjustments. They may accommodate you to obtain the work.

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