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Carports are essential to protect vehicles from the elements. Carport contractors offer a range of products so clients can pick a type that fits their practical and aesthetic preferences. These contractors have knowledge of construction methods and can work with various materials & fabrics. They also extend their services to other types of protective structures such as awnings.

Popular Carports Services Include:

Constructing carports for vehicles

South Africa’s harsh sun requires home owners and businesses to erect carports. UV-rays can damage varnish and cause vehicles’ interiors to deteriorate. Carports ensure that vehicles stay in excellent condition, even when parked outside. Carports can be of any height. The framework is usually made of metal. The roof is usually made of metal or netting.

Installation of awnings

The sun can have the same damaging effect on homes and it can cause home interiors to become extremely hot. Some carport contractors also install awnings over windows to offer home owners some relief from the sun.

Netting for agriculture

Agriculture in South Africa forms a large part of the country’s economy. The hot summer days can be detrimental to seedlings unfortunately. Luckily contractors can use carports’ effects to benefit farms. Netting can be erected over plants to keep the sun from burning seedlings and extracting too much moisture from the soil.

Patio coverings

Time with friends is an essential part of South African culture. Patios are the ideal place to enjoy time together. Protection from the sun is possible by erecting shading or a roof above outside areas. Carport contractors can assist in erecting these structures.

DIY projects

Carports are simple structures, but needs expert knowledge to ensure it’s safe for use. Individuals who have the necessary skills and tools can obtain DIY carports to erect themselves. This is a financially viable option for South Africans who don’t have the capital to pay for labour.

5 Tips when Planning Carports

1. Consider the size

Don’t think ‘the-bigger-the-better’ is necessarily true when putting up carports. A very large carport may destroy the aesthetics of other buildings around it.

2. Consider the style

Your carport can complement the premises instead of being an eye-sore, if you pick the correct style. It may cost a bit more, but use the same material and style as other structures on the premises, so the carport can blend in. This will increase your property’s value for future buyers.

3. Consider the weather

Where are you situated? If the climate predicts a lot of rain, it won’t help putting up shading nets. You need a metal roof so you and your vehicle can have protection from moisture. Storm winds can rip netting. If you live in an area known for its wind, rather commission a complete metal structure. If you’re only concerned about getting some relief from the sun’s rays, a netted roof will be sufficient.

4. Have you considered multi-purpose structures?

A carport can be turned into a social area, since it affords protection from the elements and creates a large shaded area on hot days. If possible, position your carports near utilities such as water taps and power sources, so you can easily organise a get-together with the least amount of effort.

5. How can it benefit your business?

Carports aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, but make up for this factor via its practical value. You can turn a carport into a marketing or branding medium for your business. Attach a branded banner to the side which brightens up a parking lot and impresses visiting clients. Ask your carport installer to add panels on the sides for this purpose.

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