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Food is an essential part of any event, whether it’s an intimate affair or a huge gathering. Catering companies are the solution to serve food with the least amount of hassle. Caterers are trained in hospitality and take responsibility to prepare and serve food according to health requirements.

Popular Catering Services Include:

Food preparation

The variety of cultures in South Africa require professional caterers to be efficient in preparing different types of food in large quantities.

Supply staff for an event

South Africans are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Event co-ordinators want this characteristic to shine through at any event. Catering companies help guests to feel at home by supplying efficient, friendly staff to handle food serving.

Décor and equipment hire

Food tastes even better when presented well. The visual representation of food can be handled by catering companies. South African caterers love drawing from cultures’ rich heritage. They pick décor themes that fit well with the type of food served.


Many celebrations in South Africa traditionally call for cake to be served. This includes weddings, birthdays and even office parties. Catering companies offer cake baking services, so one vendor can fulfil all food requirements.

Wine merchants

With South Africa’s excellent wine collections, there’s no excuse to exclude it from an event’s menu. Caterers make sure they stay informed about which wines are the best and which dish it complements.

5 Tips When Hiring a Caterer

1. What is the caterer’s capacity?

A caterer’s background will tell you whether it’s experienced enough to handle large crowds. Preparing food for many people takes more planning and skill than small events. Make sure you hire a company that won’t let you down on the day. Does the company have enough equipment to keep food hot and make serving easy for guests?

2. What is the quality of the food?

The taste of the food is even more important than the quantity. Make sure your guests enjoy your event by checking the quality, taste and temperature of the food before it’s served.

3. What utilities do they need?

Caterers may need access to water and power while setting up. Confirm this detail beforehand so no time is wasted during the event.

4. Ask for a taste test

You may want to contact previous clients to confirm the standard of food you’ll receive. You can also ask for a taste test so you know the flavours are acceptable for your specific crowd. This is essential if you know there are people with certain preferences. Some caterers offer cake samples, so you can pick your favourite flavour.

5. Discuss the leftovers

There’s no reason to let food go to waste. Enquire what the caterer’s plans are to dispose of excess food. You can ask to keep it or donate it to a charity. Just remember to make sure health regulations are followed.

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