Service Guide for Catering Equipment

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Catering equipment is essential for dynamic and sanitary kitchen areas. This applies to home and commercial kitchens. Catering equipment is provided by companies who offer a range of catering products. Clients can pick the items most suited for their unique spaces. These companies also offer advice and installation services so their clients can obtain ideal kitchens.

Popular Catering Equipment Services Include:

Kitchen design services

Many South Africans enter the restaurant business because of a love for food. These individuals don’t always have the knowledge to create the ideal kitchen for their unique eatery. Catering equipment suppliers employ designers who help clients revamp and customise kitchen space for optimum efficiency.

Kitchen equipment sales

If you need to serve a hungry South African crowd in a restaurant, you need the right equipment so preparation and serving happen fast. Catering equipment wholesalers supply quality equipment such as:

  • Appliances
  • Fridges
  • Cookware
  • Ovens

Having quality equipment makes the preparation procedure easy.

Kitchen equipment hire

Some events require South Africans to use kitchen equipment for short periods of time. These occasions include:

  • Music festival
  • Craft fairs
  • Expos

Catering equipment companies hire out quality items so temporary kitchens can be kitted out with everything that’s needed to make tasty South African dishes.

Crockery and glassware

If you’re responsible for making the food, you most likely need to serve it as well. Catering equipment companies sell and rent crockery & glassware. Catering companies buy these in bulk so they can serve large crowds. Renting it for occasional events is an excellent option if you don’t have the capital to buy it yet.

Maintenance services

Restaurant kitchens need to adhere to strict health standards set out by South African health and safety laws. Part of these regulations require that machinery and utensils are clean & in working order. This prevents grime build up and food from getting spoiled. Catering equipment suppliers are skilled in looking after appliances and offer this service to their clients.

Food supplies

Catering equipment suppliers offer South African caterers an all-round solution. They sell food items such as flour and sugar in large quantities so equipment & ingredients can be obtained from one vendor.

5 Tips when in need of Catering Equipment

1. Check everything on delivery

If you order massive amounts of crockery, there’s a chance some items may get damaged during transport. Check each item you receive, so the supplier doesn’t expect you to pay for broken items that weren’t damaged on your premises.

2. Trust their expertise

It’s worthwhile listening to experts. If you’re new at running a kitchen, allow your catering equipment suppliers to advise you on the best items and use of space. You may pick up some handy tips from people who work in kitchens every day.

3. Do you have OHS features in place?

If you’re starting up a restaurant, make sure you have all your Occupations Health and Safety (OHS) measures in place. You may obtain kitchen equipment from a reputable company, but it’s still your responsibility to obtain the necessary OHS certification that allows you to legally run a public eatery.

4. Will it fit?

Before you purchase any large kitchen items, make sure it will fit. Firstly it must fit in its allocated space. Secondly, it must fit through the doors leading to the kitchen. Many kitchen owners swop out items for smaller versions, simply because they didn’t measure properly. Be prepared and prevent any mishaps.

5. Do you need clothes?

A perfect way of adding some flair to your kitchen is by using protective clothing. Some catering equipment suppliers sell masks, aprons, gloves and other clothing. Your kitchen staff will love a uniformed look and the right clothing helps keep an area sanitary.

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