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No building can go without proper cleaning. Cleaning services take responsibility for this task so home and building owners can focus on other tasks. Cleaning involves cleaning rooms and features, taking care of superficial cleaning to removing pests. Cleaning can be done by individuals or teams when time is of the essence. Expert knowledge of techniques is needed to ensure no damage is done to surfaces and appliances.

Popular Cleaning Services Include:

Residential cleaning services

South Africans who are part of the daily rat race have realised there are easier ways to perform regular tasks. Cleaning your home can be a mundane task, but cleaning services flourish in this activity. These companies perform once-off or regular cleaning services so home owners can focus on other important matters.

Commercial services

Security is of high importance in a country like South Africa where crime rates are high. Businesses benefit when using vetted cleaning services who are well trained and supervised. Excellent supervision means there’s less chance of cleaners stealing while they clean.

Staff training services

Some cleaning services make it easy for employers to get the best out of their cleaning staff. Training is given to teach cleaners about necessary safety, hygiene and cleaning methods. This is also an excellent way of preparing individuals for the job market in South Africa, because people are in dire need of training to obtain employment.

Pest control

Dealing with pests is part of cleaning a house or office. The best cleaning services are well versed in pest control measures. In South Africa a whole range of insects and animals threaten buildings’ safety and hygiene. The right cleaning company will quickly handle such a threat.

Customised options

The best cleaning services offer customised options to clients. Cleaners can be stationed on a certain premises every day for a long period of time. Cleaning can also entail once off deep cleaning. This may take place after moving or painting offices or at the start of a new year. A heavy South African rainstorm may cause a roof to leak. Emergency cleaning sessions are essential to ensure damage is kept to a minimum.

5 Tips When Hiring Cleaning Services

1. Cleaning services may be a better option than a domestic worker

Give cleaning services a try and see how it compares to having a single domestic worker. You may find a team of cleaners handle your requirements faster. If a team is well supervised you also don’t have to be present to make sure everything is done according to your wishes. Your personal preferences determine which of the two options work.

2. Compare quotes

There are many cleaning services available. Obtain a few quotes so you can pick one which offers reasonable rates in terms of the current market.

3. How flexible are they around your requirements and schedule?

Pick one that offers you the customised options you require, at a decent price. Many companies are willing to discuss rates and schedules as long as they can secure more work.

4. Are cleaning methods eco-friendly?

If you’re concerned about the environment, talk to your cleaning team about the methods they use. You may be able to educate them on which products are harmful to nature and even your pets.

5. How does supervision work?

If you can’t be present while a team tends to your building’s cleaning, you need to confirm that excellent supervision is in place. In a business setup this can require one of your employees to take responsibility. The ideal is that the cleaning company offers supervision services so you know all work is done within guidelines without you having to micro-manage.

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