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People are more connected with each other and the world than ever before. Much of this happens via computers. Computers are vital to people’s work and communication. Owners need computer repairs whenever their devices malfunction. Companies offering computer repairs have knowledge to fix devices. They can also help clients acquire newer, better machines.

Popular Computer Services Include:

Hardware repairs and replacements

Clients may require replacements when a component can’t be repaired. Items that can become faulty include:

  • Hard drives
  • Keyboards
  • Motherboards
  • Computer mouse
  • Batteries
  • Cables

Software uploads or removals

Every now and then South African companies are plagued by a new computer virus. Viruses are software which destroys or change a computer’s information. When you take a device in for computer repairs, the vendor can fix it by removing the damaging software. These vendors also help clients keep their devices up to date with anti-virus software to protect them from future attacks.

Data recovery

When a computer is hit by lightning in a South African thunderstorm, chances are that the hard drive or power supply is damaged. A hard drive contains all a computer’s saved information. Some of this data can be recovered by experts when a device is taken in for computer repairs.

Network installation

South African companies love to multi task. Thanks to this mind-set, the company that does computer repairs will most likely also help you with other computer related matters. One beneficial setup is a local network. A network—made up of rooters, cables and Wi-Fi connections—at your home or office, makes data sharing easier and enable different people to connect with one printer.

Computer sales

A company that specialises in computer repairs usually keeps up to date with all the latest developments and they network with suppliers for parts & new devices. They offer computer sales as part of their services. They can sell your old computers to their other clients, or obtain new items when you’re in need of a replacement.

5 Tips When in Need of Computer Repairs

1. Which brands do the vendor specialise in?

There are many different brands of computers. You’ll do well to take your damaged device to someone who is an expert of the specific brand. There will be smaller chance of mistakes. You don’t want your computer to be damaged even further.

2. Determine how long repairs will take

When you use your device to earn a living, you need computer repairs done quickly. Ask your vendor what the predicted timeline is for repairs. Your urgency may prompt them to act on your request sooner. Repairs may take a long time if they don’t know it’s urgent.

3. Consider insuring your computer

Realising your computer’s worth only after it’s broken may be too late. What if it can’t be fixed? Consider insuring your computer so you can easily get another if it should break again. You don’t want to be left without the service and income it brings you.

4. Do you have back-ups in place?

When your computer’s hard drive needs fixing you may lose all the data on it. Make sure you have backups of important documents on a separate hard drive, or on an online information cloud.

5. Ask about new technology

New technology improves security and user friendliness of computers all the time. Do you stay up to date regarding these changes? Ask your vendor about developments that could save you time, money and effort.

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