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Fencing is essential to depict boundaries and to increase security of a specific site. Concrete fencing is a strong and durable option for these purposes. This fencing is constructed from precast panels and pillars that slot into each other to form a strong barrier. It can be painted to fit in with a building’s look, making it a versatile option for home or industrial use.

Popular Concrete Fencing Services Include:

Wall building

South Africans are always looking for better ways of increasing security of business or home properties. Concrete fencing is an excellent option. Precast fencing contractors supply and build these fences. A foundation is created to keep the wall upright, after which the wall is erected.

The range of styles means it can fit with your aesthetic expectations as well as affording safety. You can pick from:

  • Louvre type panels
  • Bi-sided panels
  • Pillars
  • Coloured concrete fencing
  • Woodgrain panels
  • Brick-type panels

Wall extensions

Concrete fencing is the quick way of extending an existing wall. If you already have these pre-cast panels, you can simply order more of them. Alternatively you can pick a style that suits the rest of the wall. The range of styles affords enough options that you should find one that fits the overall look.

Repair and maintenance

South Africans know a wall or fence can get damaged. This can be due to wear and tear, burglars who damage property, or a vehicle which crashes into a wall. Luckily concrete fencing can be repaired by simply replacing certain panels.

5 Tips when you need Concrete Fencing

1. Do you have a guarantee?

Make sure you discuss guarantees with the precast fencing contractor. If the wall falls over to no fault of your own, will the contractor fix the problem? Ask about guarantees on the fence panels as well as the workmanship you were given.

2. Protect your space and garden

If you’re planning to fence in your garden, you may see it trampled by contractors during the construction process. Precast fencing contractors need enough space to move around, place building material and dig foundations. Ask contractors to work around your plants, but if this can’t be done, you may need to transfer the plants elsewhere until the building is over.

3. Consider the aesthetics

When you need to pick the ideal concrete fencing panels, take your time, so you know you’ll have the best end result. The fence will have an impact on the overall look of the premises. Make sure the fence suits the style of the existing buildings, so all structures form a unit. This is important for aesthetics and will be beneficial if you ever sell the property, because new owners will immediately love the look.

4. Ask for references about workmanship

When you have to pick a supplier and contractor, make sure you employ someone who will give excellent workmanship. Apart from making sure the wall is strong, the contractor must deliver neat workmanship, so the wall looks as amazing as it is sturdy.

5. Can you DIY?

You may want to try your hand at erecting concrete fencing yourself. The panel system makes it easy to manage if you have basic building skills. Make sure you have the correct tools and ask the supplier for some tips. It can be an exciting DIY project for you and your family.

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