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Conveyancers are an essential part of property selling and purchasing processes. These professionals have knowledge about property laws. They help clients through the process of transferring property to new owners’ names. Conveyancers protect the rights of clients and make sure the process takes place within guidelines of the law.

Popular Conveyancer Services Include:


Conveyancers are experts in South Africa’s property laws and procedures. They assist clients in conveying property titles to new owners or from old ones. A conveyancer assists in drawing up a new deed of transfer and makes sure it’s correctly filed & processed.

Bond processes

Most South Africans require a bond to buy a house, as they don’t have the whole purchase amount available. Conveyancers are experts at orchestrating this process. They usually have excellent relationships with banks that offer bonds. They help with handling paperwork and making sure the process is handled quickly.

Assistance with a deceased’s estate

A deceased’s estate may contain property and other assets. Conveyancers are trained attorneys who understand South African laws pertaining to estate matters. They handle deceased’s estates, making sure everything is allocated lawfully, such as transferring immovable assets to new owners.

Estate planning

Apart from handling current legal issues, conveyancers also help South Africans plan for the future. This can take place in terms of:

  • Drawing up a will
  • Estate planning and drawing up necessary paperwork

5 Tips when you need a Conveyancer

1. Trust reviews

Conveyancers determine whether a property purchase will be complicated or effortless. Read reviews and ask for references. Make sure you employ someone you can trust and who will deliver excellent service.

2. Ask all you need to

Selling or purchasing a property is a huge commitment so you must be informed of every aspect and consequence. If you’re unsure about anything, ask the conveyancers for clarity on the matter. A smart approach is to write down all your questions before a meeting, so you don’t forget anything.

3. Ask about privacy

Conveyancers have access to clients’ most private information such as your income. Ask them about the security to keep clients’ information safe. They must be able to tell you what software and hardware they use as security barriers. They should also confirm that they don’t give out information about their clients to third parties.

4. Trust the specialists

Conveyancers are attorneys with specialised training in the area of property law. It’s best to trust these experts when buying or selling a property, rather than other attorneys. Though other attorneys may be able to perform the service, they won’t have:

  • Connections you need to get quick results
  • In depth knowledge of property law to ensure the most advantageous situation for you

5. Ask for a timeline and keep them to it

Property transfers can take a while, but conveyancers are supposed to help you shorten the timeline. Ask them for a realistic prediction about how long it will take. Keep them to this commitment by placing regular enquiries about developments. They will know to take you seriously and apply some additional effort.

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