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Courier services offer an easy and safe way to transport any kind of package, whether it contains documents, gifts or equipment. Courier services have infrastructures across the country and internationally, incorporating various modes of transport. Courier services differ from normal postal services in terms of functioning, timelines and cost. Couriers can pick up and drop packages at a specific address, instead of routing it between post offices only.

Popular Courier Services Include:

Supply durable packaging

The safety of a package is largely determined by its packaging. Courier services supply protective wrapping, sturdy containers and durable bags, to protect against pressure, sharp objects and moisture. These items are available in different sizes.

Organise domestic transport of packages

Packages travelling within South Africa’s boundaries are mostly couriered by road, or by air over far distances. Courier services have regular routes between main distribution points, but clients can also pay extra if immediate services are needed.

Costs are calculated according to:

  • Size of package
  • Weight
  • Distance
  • Speed of delivery needed
  • Insurance needed

Organise international transport of package

Couriers outside South Africa’s borders, include most of the features for domestic services, but in addition:

  • Shipping may be used as transport
  • Clients need custom clearance for packages to travel internationally.

Not all courier services offer this extended service, as it calls for a more advanced infrastructure and more administration. Travel time may be longer and the risk of damage higher, so protective packaging is of the utmost importance.

Package tracking

Modern technology allows tracking of packages throughout the route. Clients can contact courier services to confirm when a package will arrive, or use online tracking services.

5 Tips when Hiring a Courier

1. Make sure you get the best rates

Compare a few companies’ rates. Companies may specialise in a certain field—such as delivering confidential documents—and offer better rates than a general courier company.

2. Investigate the company’s track record

When you send personal items you need to know it will arrive safely. Do background checks and read reviews about a courier service, so you know they will handle your package with respect and deliver it on time.

3. Technology can streamline the process

If you’re planning on sending many packages, enquire about specialised services. Some courier companies offer labelling services. This can make your preparation phase much shorter, instead of manually doing everything by hand.

4. Tracking is key

Tracking services aren’t a given feature when posting a letter or couriering an item. Even if it comes at an additional cost, it’s wise to use it. If a package takes too long to reach the next checkpoint, let the courier company know you suspect a problem. They can easily follow up and rectify it if necessary.

5. Plan your timelines

Courier services offer fast transport of packages, but they follow certain schedules. It can still take some time before a package reaches another province. Weekends and holidays may cause delays. Keep this in mind when you plan, so important packages reach their destination in good time.

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