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Curtains are an essential part of any home. It is a decorative feature with many energy saving and practical benefits. Curtains can be purchased ready-made, or be custom-made for a specific area. Curtain retailers have knowledge about different fabrics, interior design and needlework. They help customers get the ideal solution for their unique living or office space.

Popular Curtain Services Include:

Curtain design and manufacture

South Africans need curtains to protect building interiors from the effects of the hot sun’s UV rays. Curtain vendors have ready-made curtains which fit standard-sized windows. These can simply be purchased and hung. Alternatively clients can measure an area, pick a fabric and have curtains made to these specifications. This is ideal as part of an interior design project.

Curtain installation

South African home owners are particular about how immaculate home and office interiors should be. For this reason curtain vendors are contracted to install the exact size railings and to hang curtains on these rails. This ensures the curtains hang at the correct height and the folds are dispersed evenly across the entire curtain.

Blind manufacture and installation

An even better option to ward off the effects of the South African sun, is the use of blinds. Blinds can be manufactured for almost any size and shape window. You have more control about the amount of light you allow through compared to curtains. This helps to contain cool air inside on hot days, which translates into energy saving since less air-conditioning is necessary.

Accessories and décor

South Africans love to decorate the interiors of their homes. Many home owners use cultural references as motivations for picking décor pieces. Curtain suppliers sell accessories and décor items, such as pillows and tie-backs, so clients can easily match them to curtains. In this way you make sure all the items in a room form an aesthetically pleasing unit.

5 Tips when you need Curtains

1. Visit a few showrooms

Curtains form part of a long time commitment, because it may have to hang in your home or office for a few years. Make sure you pick fabric and styles you love by visiting a few showrooms. Most curtain suppliers have these rooms. You can obtain ideas until you know exactly what you want for the long term.

2. Make use of free quotation services

You don’t have to settle on the first contractor you find. Most curtains suppliers offer a free quotation service. Obtain a few quotes so you can compare rates. Make sure you get the best deal available on the market.

3. Take samples to your home

Never view curtain fabric in the shop only. Ask for samples to take home so you can see what the fabric looks like in your home. The unique layout, light source and wall colour of the room will have an effect on how the curtain will eventually look.

4. Make use of in-house designers

Many curtain suppliers employ in-house designers. If you don’t have a natural talent for interior design, ask for these designers’ advice. They can help you pick the correct fabrics and styles to enhance your living space.

5. Make it part of a process

See curtain purchasing as an opportunity to transform your home. If you’re replacing old curtains, don’t simply stick with your current style. Try something new so your home stays modern. By purchasing a few décor items that fit with the curtains, a room can have an entire new feel.

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