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Homes and other buildings are places of protection, but also of beauty and comfort. Décor specialists have knowledge about interior design. They help people decorate living and work spaces to create aesthetically pleasing & functional areas. Décor includes many items ranging from carpets, paint, and furniture to purely decorative items such as paintings or wall decorations.

Popular Décor Services Include:

Interior design services for homes

Part of planning a home should be determining how to decorate and arrange the inside of the structure. Décor services offer advice in this regard and can supply décor items. These items include furniture, curtains, paint and other decorations. South African families may want to use their cultural heritage throughout the home’s theme. Interior designers will keep this in mind when picking out décor.

Décor services for offices and commercial use

Décor in commercially used spaces should be planned along with an expert designer. These individuals know how to optimise a space so businesses get the most out of a certain space. This is essential in South Africa where hiring commercial space can be quite expensive.

Décor experts also know which fabrics should be used in high traffic areas. This prevents offices from looking tarnished after a short period of time. Décor is used to create a professional look that fits the company’s style and impresses visiting clients.

Décor services for events

A popular notion in South Africa is to host events in random venues such as open grass areas or on top of office blocks. Organisers hire décor companies to decorate the space. These décor companies can bring in everything needed for guests’ comfort. This includes:

  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Flowers
  • Carpets
  • Decorative items

Décor on contract

Décor has the potential to make a space look stunning through placement of a few simple items. This could be flowers, pots or carpets. If the same items are used all the time, it can become boring. South African companies prevent this from happening through décor contracts. Décor companies regularly swap out décor items so an office always has a fresh look and regular clients are impressed every time they walk through the door.

5 Tips when Planning Decor

1. Can you do it eco-friendly?

There is a huge focus on becoming an environmentally friendly country. Use décor items that don't need excess power—such as lamps that don’t really serve a purpose. If you know an item’s manufacturing process caused harm to the environment, rather don’t purchase it.

2. Do you want short term or long term solutions?

Picking classic pieces that always stay in fashion is the most prudent option. If you use modern pieces that may go out of style within months, you’ll face more expenses shortly.

3. Match your style to current trends

When deciding on décor you should consider your personal preferences along with current trends. Purchase items you love, rather than items that the magazines say you should find beautiful. The space you decorate should feel comfortable to you, so you need to stock it with items you find enjoyable to look at.

4. What can you do yourself?

Decorating a room calls for many different tasks. Your décor supplier may handle the ordering of carpets and decorative items. Painting however, is something you can do yourself to save money.

5. Can the designer incorporate your views?

The decorating process should be a partnership between you and the interior designer. He or she can advise you on options, but you must be able to help with the process and make the final decision, so you can make the space your own.

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