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Digital marketing is fast becoming the most sought after marketing tool. These campaigns target the public on digital platforms such as social media and websites. This should increase website traffic and enlarge your client base. This marketing method requires skill and insight. Expert digital marketing campaigns can benefit companies on a local and international level.

Popular Digital Marketing Services Include:

Planning a campaign

South African businesses have a unique client base. It’s a mix of different ages, genders and races. The characteristics of a company’s client base need to be determined. This is one of the processes a digital marketing company helps with.

A dynamic marketing campaign can now be designed, based on this information. The plan is to put the right kind of advertisement at the right time, on the correct digital platform, so more people are reached. A digital marketing company helps with each of these steps.

Designing advertisements

South Africans are bombarded by information and advertisements. Your ads need to stand out among others. A digital marketing company helps plan and design these ads. They employ marketers and graphic designers for this purpose.

Launching advertisements on relevant platforms

The well-designed advertisements can now be launched onto social media and other digital platforms. Various software is used to manage these campaigns. Digital marketers are trained in using this software. Digital platforms can be viewed by international audiences. This is how South African businesses can have international success.

Feedback about the campaign

Another type of software enables digital marketers to track the success of advertisements. Statistics are gathered regarding:

  • Amount of people viewing the information
  • Amount of people using your website
  • Success of individual advertisements
  • Times that most people view and click on advertisements

This information is used to make future campaigns more dynamic

Additional digital services

Digital marketers often supply an all-round service. They can help clients with other IT and digital requests:

  • Website design
  • Application design
  • Copywriting for websites
  • Setting up an e-commerce site

5 Tips when Hiring a Digital Marketer

1. What is the company’s online presence?

One proof of a marketing company’s value is when it uses its own products and methods. Investigate a digital marketing company’s online presence. This should give you an idea of how much they believe in their own advice and products.

2. What timeline does the company propose?

Digital marketing takes a while before you’ll experience a breakthrough. Prepare yourself for this time. Make sure you have a budget to support the campaign for a while. Your marketing company should be honest about how long it may take. If they promise quick results, there’s a possibility they don’t know what they’re doing.

3. What services can you handle yourself?

Some digital marketing activities can be performed by you or an employee. You may have an excellent designer or copywriter on your team that can produce stunning website content and advertisements. Discuss this with your marketers and determine how your employees can benefit the process & decrease expenses.

4. You don’t have guarantees

Don’t trust companies who promise exact figures, because they’ll probably never reach these goals. Expert marketers are honest about success rates. They know they can’t give you a guarantee regarding results. Rather trust an honest, realistic marketer, than an overly zealous one.

5. Is this relevant to your client base?

Be involved in the marketing process. You know your client base and you’ll quickly pick up if the marketers use language or images irrelevant to your loyal supporters. Help the marketers stay on the right track by voicing your opinion.

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