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Family law is a vital part of today’s judicial system. Attorneys who specialise in family law and divorce cases assist families to reach a new equilibrium. Divorce attorneys also help with various other family related cases. These attorneys’ advice and actions determine the future of all involved in the case. This makes it important to pick the correct family lawyer.

Popular Divorce Attorney Services Include:

Contracts before marriage

A divorce attorney is an expert at many family law aspects. All South Africans who plan on getting married needs to sign an ante nuptial agreement. This is a legal requirement to obtain a marriage certificate. It’s also wise to have a will drawn up soon after getting married. If one of the couple dies, legal matters can be settled quickly.

Assisting unmarried parents with legal matters

When children are born out of wedlock, the parents don’t always know what their legal requirements and rights are. A divorce attorney is an expert in family law. Such an attorney can advise a couple and draw up contracts stipulating financial responsibilities & custody rights. This prevents misunderstandings and conflict.

Divorce processes

South Africa has a very high divorce rate. Many couples simply don’t want to stay married. A skilled divorce attorney can help the couple reach an agreement about dividing up assets. This process can be handled in a civil manner if attorneys and couples all work together.

Custody agreements and maintenance

Part of a divorce settlement dictates custody agreements regarding children, if the couple has any. This agreement is important to ensure a stable future for the children. A divorce attorney mediates discussions regarding the children and helps to reach an agreement. A contract is drawn up, stipulating these guidelines. Such an attorney can help prosecute one of the parents if agreements aren’t kept.

General legal services

A divorce attorney is well versed in aspects of law that are beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • Civil unions
  • When a power of attorney contract is needed
  • When a domestic worker contract is needed

5 Tips when Hiring a Divorce Attorney

1. Ask about free consultations

Many divorce attorneys offer a free first consultation. You won’t be obligated to pay anything, so you can determine whether you feel comfortable employing the particular lawyer. You may also gain valuable insight during the discussion, to make wise decisions throughout the process. Prepare a list of questions regarding all you’re unsure of.

2. Is this the lawyer’s speciality?

Ask others who have faced your challenges for references of lawyers who handled their cases well. It’s wise to employ a lawyer who is experienced in your type of situation. Such a lawyer will be well versed in laws pertaining to your case. The process will be handled fast and efficiently.

3. Make sure you have all necessary documents

Legal processes require a lot of documentation to be filled out and submitted. Your lawyer will help with most of it, but you will still have to sign the documents. Double check whether you have all the necessary documents, each time you need to submit them. Forgetting a single one can keep the case from developing and waste more time.

4. Does the lawyer care about the children?

If you’re a parent who is concerned about the effect of a divorce on your children, make sure you employ a lawyer who takes them into account. A lawyer plays a large role in who benefits from the ordeal. In your very first visit you’ll be able to gauge whether the lawyer cares about the children, or simply about making money.

5. Trust the older generation

It’s wise to trust a divorce attorney with many years of experience, rather than a young lawyer who may charge lower rates. The benefit of using someone with experience is that they can guide you through the pitfalls, because they’ve done it many times before. This may save time and even money.

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