Doors form part of any building project and can also be changed when revamping an existing building. Doors are a form of security while also lending aesthetic value to buildings. Door suppliers manufacture and install a wide range to fit clients’ specifications in terms of looks & style.

Popular Door Services Include:

Manufacturing of doors for homes and offices

South Africans have the privilege of picking doors for home and office that are manufactured from a range of materials. This includes:

  • Wood: This is a popular option due to its classic look and insulation value
  • Glass: This is a modern option and can be double glazed for insulation purposes
  • Steel: This an excellent option in terms of security

Door manufacturers can combine these types according to clients’ specifications.

Door installation

In South Africa home owners are always on high alert, due to high crime rates. Part of a building’s level of security is determined by how well doors and other security items are installed. Professional installation of doors ensures that hinges and locking mechanisms work well.

Window installation

Many door contractors offer South Africans a one stop service by adding windows to their product lists. You can purchase windows with a variety of frames such as:

  • Wood
  • Steel

Windows are available in many shapes and sizes. They can be custom-built according to clients’ specifications.

Garage door manufacture and installation

If South African home owners want to increase the value of their property for reselling purposes, an automated garage door is the ideal, practical option. Door manufacturers can supply these large doors and handle installation if necessary.

Accessories and additional features

Door manufacturers supply South Africans with many accessories to be used as practical solutions or for aesthetic value. This list includes:

  • Wooden swing doors
  • Burglar bars
  • Cladding
  • Decking

5 Tips when you need Doors Installed

1. Ask for a portfolio of past work

You need to make sure the product you will receive is of excellent quality. Ask for photographs of previous work, or visit other projects so you can determine the quality of the company’s workmanship.

2. Keep logistics in mind

When builders and workers are hanging doors of an existing building, it may affect your regular routine. Communicate with everyone using the building about the project and its timeline. They can plan around the disruption so frustration is kept to a minimum.

3. Always consider safety of the premises

When you change doors of a home or office you remove a security barrier for a while. Don’t give criminals a chance to enter your building. Make sure adequate security measures are in place to keep criminals out and people & building contents safe.

4. Don’t pay it all up-front

Discuss the payment process with your contractor. Never pay the whole amount up front, as the contractor may disappear without supplying or installing your doors and windows. Draw up a contract which states that a percentage will be paid up front. The difference will only be allocated when you’re happy with the final product.

5. It’s an investment

Picking a door may be a tough decision, especially because the most beautiful ones are also expensive. Take a chance on getting a more expensive one. The aesthetic value you enjoy now will pay off in the long term. A door adds value to a building. Future buyers may see it as an asset and your property value may increase.

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