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In order to obtain a legal driver’s licence, one needs to go for a practical driving test. Many aspects of driving is observed during this test. Driving lessons help new drivers prepare for this test, so less mistakes are made. Driving instructors teach learners about rules and driving habits that are essential to follow.

Popular Driving Lesson Services Include:

Assistance in obtaining a learner’s licence

South African laws require that all drivers follow the K53 Driving Standard. To obtain a driver’s licence, drivers first need to pass a written K53 exam at local traffic departments to obtain learners’ licences. This test gauges whether an individual knows the necessary rules of the road and knows how to handle certain driving situations.

Driving instructors who offer driving lessons may also offer assistance with this learner’s licence process. Instructors help learners to understand K53 rules and interpret questions, so the test is passed easily.

Instructors teach new drivers how to drive a vehicle

In South Africa, anyone above the age of 18 with a learner’s licence, can obtain a driver’s licence by passing a practical test. Companies offer driving lessons to teach new drivers about:

  • Safe driving principles
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Rules to follow while on the road
  • Defensive driving techniques according to the K53 method

The amount of lessons needed will be determined by the learner’s skill.

Driving lessons for motorcycle and other licenses

South African drivers who take these vehicles on public roads, also need learners’ licences and special drivers’ licences:

  • Motorcycles
  • Goods vehicles
  • Buses

Most of these large vehicles require special skills for safe driving. Specialised driving schools offer driving lessons to teach these skills, such as reversing with a large truck.

Hiring a Car for a Driving Test

Most driving schools have their own cars they use for lessons. Fees are payable to make use of this feature. A learner’s private vehicle may also be used. Drivers can hire instructors’ vehicles on the day of the test if necessary.

Handling of documentation to obtain a driver’s licence

South Africa’s traffic departments follow a lengthy process for driver’s test bookings. Driving schools can handle this process on the client’s behalf if necessary, to save time and effort.

5 Tips when you need Driving Lessons

1. Think about which car you should use for your driving test

On the day of a driving test, many people feel quite stressed. If you don’t feel comfortable in the vehicle you use for the test, it can become even worse. Decide which vehicle—the instructor’s or your own—you want to use for the test, before you start driving lessons. Do the lessons with this car, so you feel comfortable in it by the time you do your test.

2. Find out about the company’s reputation

Make sure you pick a driving school that is known for its quality instruction and trustworthy dealings. The level of instruction you receive determines how quick you can obtain your licence. An excellent reputation can give you peace of mind that you’re not dealing with a scam.

3. How much practice do you need?

Some driving schools try to make more money by advising you to take more lessons than necessary. If you feel comfortable and know you can follow the rules on the road, you can stop going for lessons. If you want to confirm your viewpoint, ask an experienced driver to drive with you and comment on your driving.

4. You need excellent customer service

Driving lessons can be quite stressful to new drivers, because you need to stay in control while many vehicles move around you. Pick a driving school that has a reputation for excellent, friendly instruction. This will help you relax and learn faster.

5. Look for specials

Some driving schools offer well-priced specials that can save you a lot of money. These specials usually combine learner’s licence services with driving lessons. Be smart, plan well in advance and pick the correct company from the very start of your driving career.

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