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DSTV is an excellent option as a source for TV programs. This service requires aerial dishes and decoders to be installed and connected to a TV. DSTV installers handle the supply and installation of these devices. They have the tools and knowledge to make sure the system functions effectively.

Popular DSTV Installer Services Include:

Installing or moving of DSTV dishes and aerials

The quality of visuals and sound is determined by the positioning of the dish. South Africa has many residential areas where hills block signals if the dish isn’t positioned properly. DSTV installers determine the best place and height for optimum viewing quality.

When a dish has to be moved—for instance when one moves to a new house—it’s wise to have the DSTV dish moved by a professional. This ensures that no damage is done and the service can continue with the same quality as before.

Supplying devices, dishes and cabling

DSTV installers sell components needed for a DSTV setup. This includes:

  • Dish
  • Decoder
  • Remote
  • Smartcard to activate DSTV service
  • Cabling

Many South Africans love DIY projects, but DSTV installers have technicians who can install the whole setup, if home owners don’t have the time or skill.

Upgrading old systems

New DSTV decoders are continually launched on the market. New decoders have better features and work more effective. DSTV installers help clients upgrade to a new package or decoder. They handle the administration, supply the components and can handle installation.

Setting up DSTV networks for communal use

Some organisations, such as hotels, need DSTV services for multiple TV’s. In South African this is essential to offer world class tourism services. Each TV will be controlled by a separate user. DSTV installers handle the supply of components and special type of installation of such a network.

Assistance with home entertainment setup

TV’s are used for a variety of features. Apart from DSTV, home owners have gaming consoles. South Africa’s younger generation are known to spend hours enjoying this pastime. DSTV installers assist home owners in setting up a home entertainment unit which handles all these activities.

The technicians know what the most effective way is to connect components so the end result is user friendly to everyone in the family. They have the necessary tools to complete the job neatly.

5 Tips when Hiring a DSTV Installer

1. Find one near you

DSTV installers can help with any kind of maintenance on your system. Employ a company near you so they can quickly help you whenever a problem arises.

2. Compare prices

There are many DSTV installers in the market. They all try to beat their competition’s prices. This means you don’t have to settle for the first quote you get. Compare prices such as labour costs, so you know you get the best service at the lowest price possible.

3. Which of their services can you handle yourself?

DSTV installers offer an all-round service, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept all of it. You may need assistance in putting up a DSTV dish, but connecting components and tuning the system is a skill many individuals learn while growing up. Only pay for the services you really need.

4. Be clear about your requirements

If you need assistance with setting up a home entertainment system or a DSTV network for multiple TV’s, make sure the DSTV installers know exactly what the outcome must be. You don’t want to force clients in a hotel to watch the same program because a technician misunderstood your command.

5. Look for specials

DSTV installers are in a very competitive business, because many companies offer this service. To increase their clientele they regularly offer specials. Keep an eye out for one that offers your exact requirements.

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