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Email is one of the most prevalent communication tolls currently used. This makes it a lucrative marketing tool. Email marketing specialists know how to use this tool dynamically. They help clients plan a campaign and provide software for easy sending, as well as tools to measure the campaign’s success.

Popular Email Marketing Services Include:

Platforms to send bulk emails

South Africans constantly check their emails, so if your marketing email can reach an inbox, it may turn a new customer into a regular client. Email marketing contractors offer software where these marketing emails can be sent effortlessly. A database of addresses is built up and emails created to market your products & services.

Email templates

South African business owners don’t all have graphic designers in their employ. Email marketing vendors offer stunning templates which businesses can use for their campaigns. These templates are visually pleasing to catch clients’ attention. You simply need to add your information and send the email to everyone on the database.

Feedback on email marketing campaign

If you’re spending money on a marketing campaign, you must measure its success. An email marketing company can supply analytics which show you how successful your emails are in terms of reaching clients. You can determine what type of information they prefer and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Bulk SMS services

An additional—and affordable—marketing medium is SMS marketing. Email marketing companies provide software which enables an effortless SMS system. This means you can reach your clients easily via two mediums, by employing one marketing vendor.

5 Tips when Hiring an Email Marketer

1. Compare the range of services

Not all email marketing companies offer analytics and SMS services. Determine your priorities and needs. Search for a company which fulfils those roles. Otherwise you may pay for services you don’t need, or you may need more support, but your marketer can’t supply it.

2. Ask about their success rate

Most marketing companies measure their success rate. If the company can’t help other companies, why should you trust them with your campaign? Ask your email marketing company about its success, so you know you’re joining a winning team.

3. Can they help plan your campaign?

Some email marketing companies offer expert marketing advice. If you don’t have a marketer on your team, this is the ideal way of improving your campaign. Search for a company who gives an all-round service.

4. What type of infrastructure do you need?

Discuss infrastructure with your email marketing consultant. Many of these companies can offer you their services by simply connecting online. If you need to install an additional server on your premises to host some of the services, it may not be worth it, because there are easier ways to do this.

5. Do they use their own products?

Add your email to the email marketing company’s mailing list. Now see how they use their own software. This should give you an idea of how you can apply the tool in future, if you hire them. If you don’t receive any emails, you may have to pick another company which uses its own product, because it knows it works.

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