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Embroidery entails working threads onto fabric. This can be done by hand or by machines. Large embroidery companies use state of the art machines. These machines can embroider a range of designs onto fabric, clothing or other items. The design—such as a company logo—can be supplied by a client or clients can pick from standard pictures.

Popular Embroidery Services Include:

DIY projects

Mass production of embroidery stems from the art of embroidery which has been part of society for centuries. South Africans still enjoy this as a hobby. Many haberdashery shops sell DIY kits which people can do by hand at home. These shops also offer classes to train individuals who don’t know much about the skill yet.

Embroidery for branding or personalised purposes

Embroidery is a popular way South African businesses brand products. These products can be for marketing purposes. It’s a neat way of putting a logo onto the fabric of a hat or a shirt. The same approach is used for personalised items. Names, pictures or messages can be embroidered on clothing and given as gifts.

Embroidery companies have standard items which they sell and embroider on, but usually they’re able to embroider on fabric items the client supplies as well.

Printing for branding purposes

Companies who offer embroidery services invariably does printing as well. This is another way of branding. A logo or picture is printed in ink or vinyl. This printing can be done on fabric, plastic, wood or metal surfaces. By offering both these services, businesses can have all their branding done in one place.

Work uniforms

An excellent way to let a South African small business present well, is to embroider work uniforms. The embroidery can depict names, a logo or other information such as the department the person works for. The neatness of an embroidered logo adds style to an ordinary shirt and communicates professionalism to clients.

5 Tips when Hiring an Embroidering Company

1. Consider your timeline

Embroidery takes time, so you need to discuss a timeline with the embroidery company. Plan embroidery projects well in advance, or ask your embroider if it’s possible to fast track your order.

2. Does the company specialise in this task?

Marketing and branding companies may use embroidery as an additional way of generating income. Their quality of work may not be high, because they’re not as experienced and skilled as others. If you want quality work done, rather use a company who only specialises in embroidery, so you know you’ll get excellent workmanship.

3. Match colours before you start

An important aspect to consider before the project is started, is colours. Ask your embroiderer if a sample can be made first, so you can confirm the chosen colours complement each other.

4. What about delivery costs?

Make sure whether your quote includes delivery costs if the embroiderer will bring the finished items to you. Don’t be caught off guard with unplanned-for bills.

5. What happens when an item is damaged?

Embroidery can damage fabric if tension on the machine’s needles is too high. Discuss this aspect with the embroidery company. If some items are damaged, will they take responsibility for that expense?

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