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Engraving is one word which describes a variety of incising activities on a range of surfaces. Engraving requires skill, whether it’s done by hand or machine. Knowledge about techniques and surfaces is required to ensure quality workmanship & to prevent damaging engraved objects. Engraving is used as a decorative feature, but is also used to create practical items.

Popular Engraving Services Include:

Engraving on various mediums

Thanks to state of the art machinery and well trained engravers, engraving can be done on almost any surface. South Africa has many well trained craftsmen that help the public and businesses to apply designs on jewellery and other items. Some of the most popular surfaces include:

  • Metals such as aluminium steel and silver
  • Wood
  • Plastic and Perspex
  • Glass
  • Leather

As you can see these substances are used throughout our daily lives and engraving is used to turn plain items into beautiful, functional ones.

Engraving on various items

A popular way of turning an ordinary surface into a utilised one, is by engraving information on surfaces. Many South Africans are sentimental and use this method to apply information such as dates to rings & other jewellery. In addition, the following engraved items help to add value and safety to life:

  • Engraved signs to use for direction, rules and other information
  • Engraved safety signs
  • Engraved badges that depict names and logos
  • Engraved marketing and branding items

Different engraving methods

South African engraving contractors stay up to date with international methods. Expert engravers offer the following services:

  • Manual engraving by hand
  • Computerised engraving
  • Laser engraving

Skilled engravers know which method is best used on which surface.

Resizing of rings

Many engraving contractors have close links with the jewellery market. Thanks to South Africa’s gold and diamond mines, this is a flourishing market, with many experts available to offer their services. This includes:

  • Ring resizing
  • Jewellery design
  • Jewellery or watch repairs, cleaning & maintenance
  • Diamond setting
  • Offering valuations on jewellery


Engraving is an excellent way of creating signs, marketing items and more. Many South African engravers offer you a one stop service, by manufacturing these items themselves. You can pick signs or other items from their available range and have them engraved on the spot.

5 Tips when Hiring Engravers

1. What is the quality of workmanship?

Quality workmanship is paramount when you want engraving done. Products and jewellery must have neat writing on them, otherwise they become useless. Low quality workmanship can even break an item. Ask engraving contractors for a few samples of their work, so you can judge the workmanship before hiring them.

2. Will it work?

Some surfaces can’t be engraved upon. Some need expert tools, otherwise it may damage the object, or leave ungainly marks. Ask expert engravers whether the technique will definitely work and if any guarantees apply. You don’t want a beautiful piece of jewellery destroyed by an inexperienced engraver.

3. How long will it take?

Some engraving projects take time to ensure precision and quality workmanship. If you’re planning engraving for a special event or project, make sure you get it done well before the time.

4. Ask for feedback before the work starts

Skilled engravers have an excellent grasp of their craft and are able to judge whether a specific design will work or not. Ask the engraver whether he or she would change anything. You may need to adjust the font or size of words, so it reads easy. Their feedback may help you improve the design to perfection.

5. Ask about cleaning and maintenance

Engraving leaves grooves on the surface of the item. These can fill up with dust and grime. Ask the engraver about maintenance processes that won’t destroy the engraving, so the objects look new and clean at all times.

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