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Planning an event is an exciting project, but calls for a lot of detail. Companies who offer an event hiring service help you plan and source all necessary items. Event hiring services have a range of products necessary for most events. These items can be bought or hired.

Popular Event Hiring Services Include:

Structures and furniture

South Africa’s weather is unpredictable, so if you’re planning an outside event, it’s smart to organise a tent or other covering for the big day. This can keep out sun on a hot day, and rain so the event can continue. One task of an event hiring service is supplying these structures, as well as basic necessities:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Podiums
  • Table cloths

Décor and flowers

An event is partly remembered for its overall look and style. South Africa with its many cultures offers a lot of inspiration for interesting themes. An event hiring service supplies décor that matches a certain theme and can source flowers to also suit the look.

Catering and cutlery

South Africans love their food and guests most certainly look forward to the snacks they will receive. An event hiring service helps an organiser plan a menu. Such a company can supply catering and the cutlery needed for the specific menu.

Event co-ordination

Not everyone in South Africa has knowledge about organising large events. An event hiring service makes it easy on a client by offering event management services. The company helps plan the event beforehand and manages it on the day.

5 Tips when Planning an Event

1. Do a mock-up

You may be worried whether your décor and flowers will look stunning. Do a small mock-up that combines the elements you’ve chosen such as flowers, table cloths and more. You’ll see whether the colours match and you may get ideas to enhance the look even more.

2. Finalise your program

A perfect way to make sure your day runs smoothly is to finalise your program well in advance. A program determines what resources you need on the day. Having this basic structure in place will help you plan the rest. You can visualise the day and determine what elements you need from an event hiring service.

3. Put in an early RSVP date

Your expenses for the event will mostly be determined by the amount of people who attend. This determines the amount of chairs, cutlery and space you need. Put an early RSVP date on invitations. You’ll have enough time to draw up an accurate budget and plan in detail according to the number of guests.

4. Ask opinions

It may be daunting to share your vision for an event, but talking to someone is the ideal way of perfecting it. Talk to friends or to an event hiring service. They can give honest feedback about what should change and more ideas for décor or entertainment. By using these tips you can make your event even better than you imagined.

5. Keep the weather in mind

It’s smart to have a back-up plan. If you’re planning an event in a tent, wind may still bother guests, despite a sturdy structure. If you have an event inside, intense cold may force you to use heaters. Have secondary plans in place, so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

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