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Booking a classy venue is the first step in creating the perfect event. Events venue hire is possible at many stylish hotels. Some other venues are specifically designed to offer clients the benefit of hiring the ideal space. Clients who make use of these venues also book additional services provided, that turn an elaborate event into an effortless process.

Popular Venue Hire Services Include:

Venue sourcing

South Africa has such an abundance of natural beauty. Many event venues are situated in these settings. You can hire a contractor to find the perfect venue for your event. Some companies offer many venues on one premises. Clients can pick the one they prefer in terms of look and size.

Planning services

Hosting an event is the perfect way of promoting a business. Business conferences can also be held at neutral venues where it’s easier to focus than in stuffy boardrooms. Events such as weddings and birthdays are also hosted at stylish venues.

However, not all South Africans are skilled at organising large events. For this reason, many venue companies offer event planning as part of their services. The knowledge and skill of people who help host events on a daily basis, add value to the client’s plans.

Event management

During an event there’s moments of perfection, along with the risk of something going wrong. Event management is essential for an event’s smooth running. Many events venue hire packages include an event manager that helps with logistics and handling of problems throughout the project.

Staff solutions

South African families and friends love helping each other out, but during an event you need skilled staff to ensure everything runs well. You can make use of an event venue’s staff for services such as:

  • Waiters
  • Servers
  • Security personnel
  • Technical personnel

Catering and decor

South Africans give excellent feedback of an event if the food and décor was up to standard. Most venues you hire supply catering and décor services. You can align these with the theme of an event so guests have a well-rounded experience.

5 Tips when you need to Hire an Events Venue

1. Ask about facilities

Make sure the venue you book has all the facilities and features you need, before paying a deposit. Ask about the following, and make sure it’s included in the quote you accept:

  • There must be enough ablution facilities to accommodate your crowd.
  • If you’re hosting a business event, Wi-Fi may be necessary. Ask about availability and costs.
  • If they don’t provide the catering you prefer, ask if it’s possible to organise it yourself.
  • Make sure sound equipment is at hand if you need it to speak to a large crowd.

2. Will the venue power your music and lights?

If you’re hosting a large music event it’s imperative you confirm that the power supply is sufficient for the sound equipment. This type of equipment require uninterrupted three-phase electric power, otherwise the equipment can get damaged, or the power may trip. If the general power isn’t sufficient, consider using a generator.

3. Ask for a portfolio

Find out about previous events hosted at the venue. It’s ideal to obtain photographs of past projects. Photographs will show you the standard of their service and it may help you plan for your own event when you can visualise the space in use.

4. Do a mock-up

If décor is important for the success of your event, do a small mock-up in the venue. Bring the flowers and décor items, put them together & see how they feature in the specific space. This will help you enhance the design so you’re ready when the big day comes.

5. Get there early

Setting up for an event usually takes more time than you think it will. Confirm from what time the venue is available for your use. Be there as soon as possible so you can start preparations. Make sure the venue’s staff is doing all that’s required from them. When you know everything’s on schedule it will lower your stress levels so you can enjoy the event more.

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