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A fence is a dynamic way of showing boundaries and increasing a premises’ level of security, without obscuring the view from inside. Fencing contractors offer a range of fences to suit various requirements. They differ in aesthetic value and strength. Fencing contractors are skilled in construction methods to ensure the durability of a fence.

Popular Fencing Services Include:

Installation of different types of fences

Fences are made from different materials and connected in different ways. Expert fencing contractors can erect fences of any type, including:

  • Palisade fencing made from metal, which is effective to keep out intruders. These can be seen around many South African homes.
  • Wooden fences which are perfect for play areas, so kids can see which area is meant for them, without making an area look clinical.
  • Mesh fencing which can be used for tennis courts so balls are contained inside the area.

Factory applications

The strong material used for metal fencing is perfect to create secure areas inside factories. Valuable items can be locked away inside so they can’t get stolen easily. With South Africa’s high crime rate, this is a dynamic way to increase a business’ security around merchandise and assets.

Electric fencing

Electric fencing is one of the most popular ways South Africans deter intruders. Fencing contractors have knowledge and skills to connect this fence to a power source, so the setup adheres to the country’s safety regulations.

Gate installation

A sturdy gate is essential, so it doesn’t become the weak spot in the fenced area. Many fencing contractors can install manual or automated gates, so clients can get one company to handle the whole fencing project.

Repair old or damaged fences

Metal and wood can erode, rust and get damaged over time. Some metals can be treated with anti-rust products. If necessary, parts of the fence can be replaced. Not all South Africans have time for DIY projects, so fencing contractors offer a maintenance and repair service.

5 Tips when putting up Fencing

1. The fencing must fit the context

Make sure you pick a fence which fulfils all your requirements. Don’t put up a flimsy wooden fence if security is your main priority. If you only need to demarcate boundaries, use a beautiful wooden structure, rather than clinical metal fencing.

2. Ask about colour

Many fences—such as metal palisades—can be painted. Fencing contractors can order the metal parts in the correct colour, so you don’t have to paint them afterwards. Ask your contractor about the correct type of paint to use if you want to change the colour in future.

3. Consider the aesthetic value

If you want to benefit your property’s value, you need to pick a type of fence which will suit the building. It should fit in terms of style and colour. This is a good enough reason to invest in a more expensive fence.

4. What type of guarantee will you have?

Enquire about guarantees and maintenance options. You need to budget for future expenses for upkeep or replacements. Get proof of the guarantee, so you can claim free repairs if the fence breaks or deteriorates after a short while.

5. Think about your garden

If you plan on putting a fence around your garden, it may get damaged in the fencing process. Ask the contractor if he can work around your plants, or replant them elsewhere.

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