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Fire detection systems alert people of fire when it breaks out. This enables quick responses so fires can be put out as soon as possible. Fire detection systems are installed by experts after careful assessment of the premises. These experts take risks and the building layout into consideration to design systems that will warn people on the premises in good time.

Popular Fire Detection Services Include:

Fire detection system supply and installation

A fire detection system incorporates sensors, wiring and an alarm system. These systems can be connected to control rooms so the fire department can be notified as soon as possible, whenever a fire breaks out.

Fire alarms

Fire detectors can be connected to fire alarms. This system warns of fire and smoke by sounding loud alarms. In South Africa there are many areas known for forest fires. These fires can quickly sweep through buildings, so early warning systems are vital. You can give your family or employees early enough warning to flee from the fire.

Fire extinguishing accessories

South Africans have a culture of being prepared for any eventuality. Security companies sell fire extinguishing accessories. These items are perfect for home or office use. They enable individuals to fight fires and be safe when fires occur. These items include:

  • Hoses for fighting fires
  • Fire hose reels that can be used by the public or the fire department
  • Backpack or handheld fire extinguishers

Accessories and maintenance

South Africa’s climate produces rainstorms and extreme heat which can cause systems to wear out. A fire detection and alarm system needs regular testing & maintenance. Fire detection contractors offer this maintenance service to their clients. This ensures that components are always in working order.

5 Tips when you need a Fire Detection System

1. Does it connect with your regular alarm?

Many security companies offer fire alarms as part of their product list. It’s ideal to have both systems managed by one company. Wires can’t interfere with each other and it may be more affordable than paying two separate companies.

2. Do they have excellent customer service?

A fire detection contractor is someone you will have regular contact with, because your system needs regular testing. Make sure the company you pick for this role offers excellent customer service. If you have a problem with your system you want it tended to quickly, because you can’t afford to have any down time on such an important system.

3. What promises do they make?

You don’t want empty promises from fire detection contractors. This may endanger your life if you expect quick responses, only to be left to your own devices. Make sure the agreement you have with them is reasonable and set out on paper, so you know what you’re entitled to. When an emergency occurs, you need to know this group of people will help you obtain the best outcome possible.

4. Work with your insurance company

A fire detection system improves the safety of your premises, so it may have an influence on your insurance payments. Communicate with your broker about this, so you know you’re paying the correct rates. Depending on what you have insured, fire detection systems may be a standard requirement for coverage. Make sure you adhere to all necessary guidelines, so you don’t lose coverage.

5. Have your evacuation plan in place

A fire detection system must go hand in hand with an evacuation plan. When the alarm sounds, you, your family or your employees must know exactly where to go. Chaos in that moment can cause lives to be lost. Have an informative session with all concerned, so any emergency can be handled calmly and effectively.

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