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A personal trainer is perfect to partner with when you need guidance in health aspects. A personal trainer can help improve their clients’ health & fitness levels and create more healthy lifestyles for the future. A fitness instructor is trained in physical fitness as well as dietary aspects.

Popular Fitness Instruction Services Include:

General fitness and weight training

Many South Africans make gym training part of their daily lives. This may be a smart decision, but it’s even wiser to employ a personal trainer for gym sessions. A fitness instructor helps clients get the most out of training sessions, so exercise routines are more dynamic. The advice of such an instructor can also help prevent injuries.

Sport specific training

A fitness instructor is usually an expert in a certain field. He or she can help a client improve in a certain sport, such as athletics, cycling or bodybuilding. In South Africa sports enjoy a lot of focus in schools and in the professional arena. A fitness instructor’s advice can help individuals excel in their preferred sport, even when the competition is tough.

Pilates & yoga training

Sports can be used as a method of relaxation and staying healthy. In South Africa with its stressful living, this is essential. Some sessions such as Pilates and yoga are perfect for this purpose & can be led by fitness instructors. These activities are performed indoors, which make them perfect options for cold South African winter mornings.

Mobile training

The benefit of having a personal fitness instructor is that he or she can visit you at your home. Many instructors make time to visit their clients, so they can follow healthy lifestyles, even if they’re too busy to visit the gym.

Diet planning

South Africans love tasty food, but this isn’t always healthy. If you need to lose weight, train for a specific competition or want to follow a healthier lifestyle, fitness instructors can help plan a new diet. They plan these menus by taking into account your physical condition, the impact certain food items have on you and the goal you want to achieve.

5 Tips when you need a Personal Trainer

1. Ask for referrals

An excellent way of finding the best fitness instructor in your area is to ask for referrals and read reviews. People who employ these instructors usually want other people to have the same benefits of a healthy lifestyle, so they will voluntarily share information.

2. Always keep security in mind

If you’re planning on meeting your fitness instructor at your home, make sure you stay safe at all times. It may be wise to meet him or her at a gym first to get to know each other, before you allow an unfamiliar person into your home.

3. Pace yourself

Your personal trainer knows exactly what a healthy pace for you to follow is. Don’t try to impress him or her—or yourself—by doing too much too fast. Your body needs to get fit over time, so rather focus on small victories, otherwise you may hurt your muscles.

4. Ask about what to eat

Your training sessions will be influenced by the food you consume before each session. The meal can’t be too big as it will make you feel lethargic. Ask your personal trainer about the best meals and snacks. It should be enough food to afford you energy and grains are an excellent energy source.

5. Make it a lifestyle

The effects of your training sessions should spill over into your daily lifestyle. If you feel amazing after a training session, you can feel that way throughout the day by continuing the lifestyle. Keep eating the correct foods, so you don’t cancel out the effect of an exercise session. By following such a lifestyle, your training will show positive results even quicker.

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