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Fleet solutions make it easy for businesses to have the benefits of a vehicle, without the capital expense. Fleet solutions companies offer a range of vehicles that can be used long or short term. These companies offer many features and services so their clients have effortless use of quality vehicles.

Popular Fleet Solutions Services Include:

Leasing of vehicles

Contractors who offer fleet solutions help South African businesses to obtain a vehicle for a long period of time. This enables small businesses to offer more services, even before they can afford to purchase a delivery or other utility vehicle. This vehicle is leased, so the business has complete control of how it’s used.

Vehicle maintenance

Part of fleet solutions is maintenance and repairs. This is vital for any car in South Africa, because bad roads and weather can damage it. General wear and tear also occur. Fleet solution contractors offer a maintenance service for all the vehicles they lease or rent out, so business owners can focus on other responsibilities.

Fleet tracking

Vehicle tracking is an essential part of fleet solutions. This is necessary because of South Africa’s high jacking statistics and the risk of employees misusing vehicles. Fleet solution contractors install tracking systems so their clients can keep track of where the leased vehicles are at all times.

Vehicle rentals

Part of fleet solutions is renting vehicles for specific periods. Not all small businesses in South Africa need full time use of a vehicle. It may only be necessary for occasional deliveries or projects. The contractor makes sure the vehicle is always in excellent shape before renting it to the next client.

Roadside assistance

South Africa’s roads often make roadside assistance a necessity. If you hit a pothole or get into an accident with one of the fleet vehicles, you can simply ask the contractor for help. The contractor will send out assistance and contact authorities or medical personnel if necessary.

5 Tips when in need of Fleet Solutions

1. Do research on the fleet you need

Make sure you lease the correct size and type of vehicle. You don’t want to be stuck with a huge truck, if smaller vehicles will suffice. Large vehicles use more fuel, so it can influence your profit margin. Plan well so you lease enough vehicles to handle all your planned services.

2. Will lease or rental be best?

An in depth study is necessary to determine whether leasing or renting is the best option. Look at your operations and determine fuel costs. You should also take future growth into account, so you make the best decision for long term.

3. Do you have adequate parking space?

Before you lease or rent a vehicle or fleet, make sure you have enough space to store it. A locked garage is the best option. Alternatively, the premises must have a lockable gate. This is vital for insurance purposes.

4. Enquire about your responsibilities

Fleet solution contractors offer many services, but you still need to make sure you keep up your part of the bargain. Ask the contractors about the best way to look after vehicles, so your fleet is a positive reflection of your business.

5. Do they use the benefits of technology?

Technology enables us to track vehicles, but these devices are constantly evolving. This is essential to stay ahead of criminals’ plans. Make sure your contractor uses state of the art technology, so you know your fleet—and the merchandise inside—is as safe as possible.

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