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Flooring is a finishing touch of any structure. Each type of flooring offers building owners unique benefits. Flooring specialists provide quality products that will last a long time. They ensure it’s properly installed to keep damage and maintenance to a minimum.

Popular Flooring Services Include:

Carpet installations

South Africans love carpets for the luxury and comfort it affords. It can make rooms feel warmer as it acts as insulation and absorbs heat. The wide range of carpets that flooring suppliers offer, means home owners will always find a carpet that fits their style and requirements.

Laminated flooring

Laminated flooring is usually manufactured with a wood design, which is very popular among South African home owners. This adds a natural flair to any room and it’s a classic look that always stays in fashion. It’s easy to clean and comes in many colours. Flooring suppliers install these pieces through a lock system. No glue is needed which has health benefits. It also means the installation process is quick.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl may look similar to laminated flooring, but it’s much more durable. There’s very little chance of water damaging a vinyl floor. It can be manufactured with almost any type of colour and pattern.

Under floor heating

South African winters call for heaters. If rooms are already heated from underneath—thanks to under floor heating—you won’t need an additional expense on heater units. It’s also a safe option so individuals don’t accidentally burn on a heater’s element. Some flooring suppliers offer to install under floor heating, after which they can fit your chosen flooring over the system.

Skirting and edging

Any floor needs finishing touches to look excellent. Flooring suppliers install skirting and edging to make a new floor look even better.

5 Tips When Searching for Flooring

1. Confirm a company’s expertise

Not all companies are experts at installing every type of flooring. What do previous clients think of a supplier’s quality of work? It’s beneficial if one company can handle all types of flooring, but you don’t want some rooms to receive sub-standard workmanship.

2. Visit showrooms

The best flooring suppliers have showrooms. There you can view types of flooring and how it matches with other materials such as certain types of fittings and tiles. This is an excellent method to determine what can work in your own space.

3. Make sure which pattern should be followed

Many types of flooring have a pattern or wood grain design. The layout of the flooring will determine what dimension it adds to a room. If you want small spaces to seem large, let the flooring form longer lines. If you’re looking for a creative effect, put down pieces of flooring in interesting patterns.

4. Discuss timelines

Don’t let a flooring supplier waste time and prevent your building project from progressing. Flooring may need to be done before cupboards are installed. Make sure the flooring team is aware and keeps to the schedule.

5. How do you keep it clean?

Maintenance should be one of the factors you consider to pick the ideal type of flooring. If you have kids in the house it’s smart to pick flooring that can easily be cleaned, rather than carpets that may be ruined from one accidental mess.

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