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Florists bring the beauty of nature into homes and lives via flower arrangements & other services. Florists have knowledge about plants and flowers. Their training teaches them how different plants complement each other. They creatively add them together in bouquets and arrangements. The end result communicates a subliminal message.

Popular Florist Services Include:

Flowers as decoration for events

South Africans love adding flowers to any event. It brightens up an ordinary venue and it adds style & character. Florists supply flowers for these events and can create arrangements if necessary. The most popular events people order flowers for include:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events

Flowers as gifts

Most South Africans love nature and a gift of flowers is usually well appreciated. Florists source flowers and arrange them into bouquets the public can purchase. These bouquets can be combined with other items such as chocolates for the ultimate gift on a birthday or other anniversary.

Flowers for funerals

South Africans view beautiful flowers as the perfect way of honouring someone. During funerals, bouquets are placed on caskets and in chapels as decoration. They communicate loving feelings for the dearly departed. Sending flowers as a gift is also a way of expressing condolences to those who lost someone.

Flowers for general home and office use

South Africa has so many beautiful, colourful plants and flowers. This is a practical and affordable décor option for homes or offices. Florists supply these flowers to use as decoration. This service can take place on a contract basis, so a company receives weekly fresh flowers to decorate office space.

Delivery services

Most florists offer delivery services. They have cooled trucks to transport flowers over long distances. Deliveries can be organised locally, to another city or even internationally. This service makes flowers the ideal, effortless option for gifting.

5 Tips when Hiring a Florist

1. Pick a flower that’s in season

Do some research about which flowers are in season. If you request these flowers from your florist you’re sure to obtain the best looking flowers. It will also be a more affordable option, since the flowers don’t have to be imported or grown in special greenhouses.

2. Gather a few quotes before you decide

Don’t pick the first florist you come across. Florists have different suppliers and specialities. You may find a florist that fulfils your office décor requirements at a more affordable price than a florist who specialises in wedding arrangements.

3. Ask for a mock-up

When you’re planning a big event, you have to make sure everything looks the way you imagine it. Ask your florist for a small mock-up of the bouquets you order. You can comment on what you want changed and you can judge the florist’s workmanship. This minimises problems on the day of your event.

4. What can you source and do yourself?

Florists offer an all-round service, such as supplying vases, ribbons and doing the arrangements. You may be able to source some of these items at a more affordable price. You may also be surprised at how your own creativity comes to the fore, if you try your hand at arranging flowers. You can still obtain the flowers from your florist, but handle the rest of the process yourself. Consider these methods if you have a tight budget to keep to.

5. Keep allergies in mind

You should consider your own and your guests’ allergies before you finalise arrangements with your florist. Your florist can advise you on which flowers are most safe to use if some of your guest struggle with allergies. They are experts at creating beautiful arrangements from whatever flowers you pick.

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