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Contractors who do garage door automation supplies doors and installs them on clients’ properties. Garage doors are manufactured from a variety of materials, so clients can pick one that fits their preferences in terms of style and strength. Different opening mechanisms mean garage door automation is possible in almost any scenario. The technology is applied in different ways to benefit houses, offices and businesses.

Popular Garage Door Automation Services Include:

Installing new garage doors

Garage door automation is possible on an old swivel type door. Alternatively a contractor can supply a new door which can swivel open or roll up. South Africans can pick an automation process which fits their budgets. Contractors are skilled at installing doors so the end result is safe for use.

Turning shopfronts into security barriers

Stores opening onto a walkway or street run the risk of being burgled easily. Contractors install automated garage type doors on these stores to increase security. It makes it more difficult to gain access to the store and it makes lock-up processes quick & easy. This is an example of how technology helps South African entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Gate installations

The technology for automated gates and garage doors are very similar. Most contractors who handle garage door automation also supply new gates or automate the gates already in use. They make it easy for South Africans to automate their entire premises.

Servicing and repair of older structures

Whether a door is made of wood or metal, some parts will deteriorate over time. This is especially true in South Africa where rain, thunder and harsh sun can cause rust or damage door motors. Garage door automation contractors advise clients on the best way to maintain a door. They are skilled in handling maintenance processes and can perform repairs where necessary.

5 Tips when looking for Garage Door Automation

1. Where is the company situated?

Many contractors book as many clients as possible in order to increase their profits. This means they may have very little time for each job they have. If they take longer than planned, they have to push other clients to a later time. This situation is worsened if they need to travel long distances. Pick a contractor near your home, so you know the workers can easily reach you. There will be less chance of your door installation being postponed.

2. Get enough remotes

Garage door automation requires remotes to open the doors. It’s wise to rather purchase too many remotes than not having enough, otherwise you may be stuck without one someday if every family member is using one. Allocate remotes to individuals and vehicles to avoid getting locked out.

3. Discuss timelines

Garage doors add to a property’s security. If you need installation or repairs done urgently, discuss this with the contractor. Employ one who can repair your door quickly, rather than waiting for days for the contractor to arrive, and worrying about the safety of your vehicles.

4. Determine battery life

An automated gate or door should be connected to a battery. This battery serves as power source when there’s power outages. Make sure what the battery life is on the unit, so you can make alternative arrangements when the power goes out for lengthy periods.

5. Consider all your options

Garage doors can cover almost any length of space. A practical option is to break down dividing walls of a garage so you have more space to use inside.

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