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The upkeep of a garden takes a lot of skill and time. Garden services have knowledge about plant life and irrigation to help the public look after their gardens. Services can take place on a regular basis or as required.

Popular Garden Services Include:

Lawns, hedges and plants at homes

Regular garden tending is necessary to ensure lawns and plants are watered and kept healthy. Lawns and hedges need to be cut regularly, especially in some South African regions with a high rainfall. Garden services use their knowledge to complete these tasks effectively, while also taking home owners’ preferences into account.

Garden Services can take care of other garden requirements such as taking out weeds and planting new trees or flowers. They use the right tools and their skill prevents unnecessary damage to plants.

Business and estate garden maintenance

Estates and businesses in South Africa may have gardens or potted plants that enhance the aesthetics of an interior or outside area. Garden services tend to these areas so there’s no need to employ a full time gardener.

Irrigation for gardens

South Africans may require irrigation for their gardens were there’s not enough rainfall to sustain plant life. Garden services have technical knowledge about irrigation systems. They help home owners plan and install a dynamic and cost effective system.

Pest control

South Africa is rife with insects and small animals that can become pests if not managed. Garden services get rid of the pests—such as rats or wasps—and make sure they don’t come back.

5 Tips when Hiring Garden Services

1. Does the company follow OHS act regulations?

Garden services usually employ quite a few manual labourers who earn minimum wage. As an employer of their services you carry some responsibility to ensure they’re looked after. Make sure the garden services’ owner keeps to OHS regulations so you’re not implicated if there are any accidents.

2. Does the company care about its workers?

The quality of workmanship is determined by the mind-set of a worker. Make sure the garden services you hire has employees who are well looked after by its managers. If workers enjoy their work, you’ll receive quality work on your property.

3. What do other clients say?

The best way to get excellent garden services is to use the company that impressed other home owners. Ask among friends about the quality of work, customer services, punctuality and skill.

4. How much time do they need?

In most cases you’ll need to give garden services access to your premises. Discuss timelines with the company so you know for how long you’ll need to stay home or when you should return to lock up after the workers left.

5. What methods do they use?

Garden services should have knowledge about environmentally friendly processes. When they kill weeds or other pests, they shouldn’t use poison that contaminates water or is harmful to pets. Discuss this with them so you know you’re supporting eco-friendly processes.

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