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Gate automation contractors install and repair a range of items that add to the security of a premises. Features include gates, doors and intercom systems. These items make it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to enter a certain area. Contractors also tend to maintenance and repairs of components when necessary.

Popular Gate Automation Repairs and Services Include:

Gate motor installation and repairs

South Africans know how quickly a high jacking occurs in front of a house. An automated gate with a strong motor and movement sensors is one way of combatting this crime. A secure gate can quickly form a barrier between a vehicle and criminals. Contractors offer gate automation repairs and installations to help home owners feel safe.

Automation of garage doors

In the South African property market, luxury is key. A home’s value increases when garage doors are automated. These doors make coming home effortless. Contractors who offer gate automation repairs are usually skilled to automate doors with similar technology.

Intercom systems and access control

Another way of combatting the high crime statistics of South Africa, is by installing intercom systems at homes and access control at businesses. Property owners have more control over who enters the premises, since everyone has to identify themselves before a gate is opened. The best gate automation companies skill themselves to do these installations. Property owners have a one-stop option for security enhancements.

Security upgrades

When a company offers gate automation repairs, their services usually include other security upgrades. These experts know the latest technology available to deter the type of criminals that mostly plague South Africans. These measures include: - Burglar bars - CCTV cameras

Electric fencing

The ideal way to ensure South African criminals don’t enter a property is to surround it with electric fencing. Electric fencing can cause intruders to shock and the action will serve to inform you that security has been breached. Gate automation companies offer this service so clients can get all security needs from one vendor.

Customised designer gates

There’s a trend in South Africa to use wrought iron, copper and other metals to transform a functional gate into a protective work of art. Some gate automation contractors include this in their service list so clients can get one company to supply a gate and install it.

5 Tips When Hiring an Automatic Gate Contractor

1. Enquire about warrantees

It’s a smart option to pay a little extra so you can get state of the art components. This usually means the equipment will work longer than cheaper versions. Confirm what the warrantees are on all components. Keep your contractor to this agreement so you don’t have to replace components at your own expense.

2. Go and see demonstrations

Many gate automation companies offer demonstrations of their components. Watching demos will teach you about new technology and help you decide which features to install on your premises.

3. Think about replacing parts and components

One more reason to purchase new, state of the art equipment is because you’ll be able to replace parts for a long time. Older gear go off the market and at some stage their parts won’t be available anymore. You’ll have to install a whole new system if something breaks.

4. Will your gate work when the power goes out?

Most automated gates are connected to a battery. Your gate should work even if the power goes out for a while. Enquire from your contractor how long the battery will work without a live power source. It may serve you well to install a bigger battery if long power outages are a regular occurrence.

5. Make sure your motor is protected

A common crime is stealing gate motors—because they’re expensive—or breaking them open so burglars can get access to a property via the gate. Prevent this by locking your gate motor in a secure case with a strong locking mechanism.

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