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Gates are used as safety measures and decorative additions to a premises. Gates need to be strong enough to resist intruders’ attempts at breaking them. They also need to be expertly installed to keep intruders out. Gate contractors provide manufacturing and installation services, as well as other security features.

Popular Gate Services Include:

Gate manufacture

South African building styles evolve over time and for each style, there’s a gate to match. Gates can have a plain, minimalistic look, or be designed to fit a specific style with lots of detail. Gate contractors manufacture gates according to clients’ preferences:

  • Driveway gates can have small pedestrian entrances installed if necessary.
  • Strong locks are added for safety.
  • Clients can have them painted in one of many colours.
  • They can be made from a range of materials such as wood, aluminium or steel.

Gate contractors make sure gates are exceptionally strong, no matter the design.

Gate installation

South Africans safeguard their homes against intruders by installing big, strong gates. Automated gates are especially popular, because it minimises the chance of being high-jacked at your own home. Gate contractors install these automated systems, even on old manual gates. They provide gate motors, as well as remotes.

Door installation

Most gate contractors can also supply and install garage doors. South Africans value automated garage doors, so this is a perfect way of increasing your property’s value.

Burglar proofing

South African homes invariably need burglar proofing, to keep cunning criminals out of homes. Gate contractors have the knowledge, skill and tools to install burglar proofing. A range of designs and materials are available. Home owners can pick a type which suits their style, and doesn’t diminish the aesthetic value of the building.

5 Tips when Installing Gates

1. Make sure it enhances aesthetics

Gates are usually installed for practical reasons, but you should consider the aesthetics as well. Imagine your home with the new gate installed. Do you like what you see? Homes are beautifully built and security measures shouldn’t make them less attractive. This is why ornate and decorative gates are a terrific option.

2. Ask for a portfolio and references

If you’re having a gate manufactured, ask for pictures of previous products. You can also speak to previous clients. Make sure the gate you receive works well and looks stunning.

3. Consider maintenance challenges

Some gates—such as palisade fencing—require a lot of maintenance. If these aren’t treated with anti-rust products, they need regular painting, which is a tedious job. Pick a gate that requires the least maintenance, if it fits your budget. You should also ask your contractor about maintaining the gate motor mechanism, so malfunctioning is kept to a minimum.

4. Enquire about warrantees

Many gates have warrantees in terms of parts, workmanship or the paint. Ask about these and obtain written proof of them. If problems do arise, you can have them sorted out without paying another bill.

5. Look at an example before you make your decision

A wise way of picking a gate is looking at gates in your neighbourhood. Which ones catch your eye? Seeing a real gate, instead of a picture of one, can help you make a decision. You can also see how it influences the overall look of a home.

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