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Graphic designers are experts at using and combining images to convey a message or idea. Such a company employs creative individuals who are trained to use graphic design software to create images. These images’ goals are to communicate a clients’ messages and represent their style & values. Making these messages clear without using a lot of words, is quite a unique skill.

Popular Graphic Design Services Include:

Logo and corporate identity design

South African businesses function in a competitive market. Each company needs to be recognisable to grow a loyal client base. A unique logo is the first step towards building a unique brand. A graphic design company can create a logo as well as other designs that are unique to the company. These help establish a corporate identity, which generates respect from clients and competitors.

Designs for marketing purposes

A powerful way in which South African businesses grow is via effective marketing. Professional designs of advertisements, flyers, posters and social media ads are necessary for each campaign. Graphic design companies compile these designs that incorporate logos, company information, pricing and other catchy features. The designs must attract attention and inform adequately.

Branding and printing services

Many South African companies offer clients a one-stop service for a variety of solutions. Graphic design companies offer branding and printing services. This means you can obtain designs and print the final product at one vendor.


South African businesses must ensure their products cater for all potential clients. With 11 official languages, it’s a challenge to communicate well to everyone during a marketing campaign. Copywriters help clients write quality content and advertisements in any possible language. Graphic designers offer this service, so clients can use many languages on one design, without fearing grammar mistakes.

Website design

South African businesses need websites to compete in the local and international business market. These websites need to be visually pleasing and informative. Graphic design companies host and design websites that fulfil both these requirements.

5 Tips when Hiring a Graphic Designer

1. Ask for a portfolio

The only way you know if an artist will design something you’ll love, is by looking at his or her previous work. A portfolio shows you the style of an artist and the quality of the work. Pick a graphic designer whose work you immediately like. Chances are that you’ll like what he or she designs for you too.

2. Consider all the services you need

If you know you’re about to launch many marketing projects, it’s wise to employ a graphic designer who can help you produce flyers and promotional items. It will save you time, because you don’t have to vet another company. More than likely such a company will offer special packages for design and production services combined, which can save you a lot of money.

3. Do they have time for you?

When someone is creating your company’s logo and identity, they need to understand your vision, policies & values. All of these need to reflect in the designs you receive. Employ a graphic design company who takes the time to understand your goal. Such a company will quickly design exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Get the balance between what you want and what they advise

Graphic designers are knowledgeable about what works in the current market. They also know how to use colours and metaphors effectively. Listen to their advice, so you know your marketing campaign is on par with current international trends. However, make sure the designs reflect your values and vision too, by communicating your personal preferences to the designer.

5. Imagine you’re a client

One way of determining whether a design or logo will work, is to imagine that you’re a client looking at it for the very first time. You can also ask your graphic designer what they think of your products and services. Their objective opinion may help you determine which parts of your business need to be showcased more via marketing.

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