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Guarding services are essential for properly securing a premises. Guarding services are an effective preventative tool for criminal or disruptive behaviour from individuals or crowds. They can take action or call for reinforcements in extreme cases. Guards know what action to take when problems ensue, so the general public and home owners stay safe.

Popular Guarding Services Include:

Security during public events

Where crowds gather, there’s greater risk of problems occurring. In South Africa where citizens are passionate about their sports teams and love expressing themselves, this is especially true. Fights can result between different teams’ supporters. This can turn into dangerous situations if not curbed. Guards at public events keep an eye on the crowd and handle problems as they arise. They also keep an eye on parked vehicles so they’re not stolen.

Guarding for home and business premises

South Africa’s high crime rate makes it necessary to put many security measures in place, both at home and on commercial properties. Guarding services deter criminals from entering a premises. If they do trespass, there’s a greater chance of them getting caught when guards are patrolling the area.

Armed response units for home or business

Criminals in South Africa are known to use weapons during criminal acts. If armed guards are necessary, armed response units can be called in to support regular guards.

Forensic and other professional services

South Africa has a successful history of using forensic evidence to prosecute criminals. Guarding services can perform some of these tasks to help the public fight crime. These services include:

  • Polygraph testing
  • Undercover investigations
  • Forensic testing and investigation

Alarm and access control systems

South Africans perceive security systems as a standard for every home and office. Such a system increases a home’s re-sell value. Guarding companies offer clients a one-stop service. You can purchase alarm system components and have them installed by these companies’ trained technicians.

Security at public venues

It’s essential for public venues, such as malls and hotels, to place guarding services on their premises. South Africans feel safer when they have visual confirmation that safety and security measures are in place. This gives patrons a positive experience because they feel safer and less crime is committed.

5 Tips when Hiring Guards

1. Enquire about the company’s vetting procedure

You want to trust the people who are guarding your premises and valuables. Make sure guards can be trusted by checking their background, or ask the guarding contractor to do it. Expert companies already have this vetting process in place, so clients can rest assured the guards are trustworthy.

2. Are the other clients happy?

A perfect way of determining whether you’ll receive excellent service, is to talk to previous clients. They will tell you about the standard of customer service. They will also tell you whether the guards improved overall security, making it a worthwhile expense.

3. How can you harness the power of technology?

One way of improving the level of security on your premises, is to empower guarding services as much as possible. This may call for an additional capital investment, but in the long run it will be worth it. Consider how the following technology can be used by the guards to raise their level of service:

  • Two-way radios
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems

Don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to your safety.

4. Compare quotes

Many security companies offer guarding services. When you’re deciding who will guard your valuable items, the decision should not be taken lightly. However, you probably have a budget to consider as well. Take your time to obtain quotes and determine which company offers the best guards at the most reasonable price.

5. What type of training do the guards have?

If an emergency situation occurs, the people guarding your premises must act appropriately. Only well trained individuals can act wisely under pressure. Ask your security contractor about guards’ training, so you know the quality of the service you’ll receive during emergencies.

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