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Guest houses offer travellers a home away from home. They provide accommodation and other basic services to their clients. Guest houses aim to create comfortable and practical living spaces, so people feel at home throughout their stay. These places need to adhere to health and safety regulations as set out by law.

Popular Guest House Services Include:

Self-catering accommodation

South Africans love travelling all over the country to see its beautiful sights. Self-catering guest houses give travellers a flexible-and usually more affordable-accommodation option. These units supply fridges, stoves and utensils. Guests can prepare their own food at their leisure, instead of keeping to the guest house’s meal schedule.

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Many South Africans prefer taking a break from making food while on holiday. A bed and breakfast guesthouse offers a morning meal as part of its services. Usually other meals can also be served at the guest’s request and at additional costs.

Shuttle services

A shuttle service is a necessary service for guests who don’t have their own transport, such as those who travelled by plane. Some guest houses offer a shuttle service to and from the airport. This service can also be booked to reach other destinations such as a meeting or tourist activity.

Spa services

When a guest house stay is part of a holiday, patrons want to relax in every way possible. Guest houses offer spa services, such as massages, which can be performed in the comfort of the guest’s room.

5 Tips when Booking a Guest House

1. Will the location suit you?

Make sure where exactly the guest house is situated before you make the booking. It may seem ideal to stay in the hub of the city, so you’re near all the attractions. However, you may have to battle traffic every day. A more relaxing option will be to find a guest house in a tranquil setting. Decide what’s most important and book accordingly.

2. Is it spacious enough for a whole family?

If you’re travelling with your family, make sure there’s enough space for everything. This includes people and luggage storage space. A cramped room, where family members get on each other’s nerves, may spoil the overall holiday experience.

3. Discuss any allergies

If you’re taking meals at your guest house, discuss your allergies with the personnel. They can adjust the menu so there’s less chance of an allergic reaction. This also applies to what’s placed in your room, such as fabrics and soaps.

4. Ask about safe parking

If you travel to the guest house with your own—or hired—vehicle, make sure there’s safe parking for patrons. You don’t want to lie awake at night, worrying about your car outside in the street.

5. Ask about attractions in the area

Personnel working at guest houses in South Africa are knowledgeable of tourist attractions in the area. They advise guests on possible activities and can help make bookings. Use this resource to get the most out of your stay.

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