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A guttering system is essential for any building. Guttering allows moisture to collect and flow away. This prevents damage from stagnant pools of water. Depositing the water into a drain, prevents the excess water from eroding soil around the building. A guttering system must be well designed, taking into consideration the roof and ground gradients. Guttering needs to be maintained and kept clear of any obstructions.

Popular Guttering Services Include:

Installation of gutter systems

South Africa’s heavy rainfall makes a guttering system a necessary fixture on any building. Guttering contractors have the knowledge and tools to install dynamic guttering systems. Gutters should be seamless to prevent leakages. Gutters can be made from:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Wood

Gutter maintenance

Gutters usually work well for a few years, but they need to be maintained to prevent damage. The rainstorms and wind in South Africa can damage gutter systems and cause leaks. Guttering contractors take care of maintenance. They clear obstructions such as leaves and look for leaks, rust and cracks. These can be cleared and repaired so the pipes don’t deteriorate any further.

Water harvesting

South Africans are becoming more conscious of eco-friendly lifestyles. Guttering contractors help home owners install water harvesting systems. Rain water is collected and held in tanks. This can be used to water the garden. This saves water and money.

Fascia boards

Guttering contractors are skilled at performing a variety of building tasks. Many South African houses have fascia boards, which add aesthetic value to the building. It also acts as insulation. Guttering contractors can maintain or install these boards while tending to your guttering system.

Roof painting and water proofing

The sudden rainstorms of many South African regions, make it necessary to keep buildings waterproofed at all times. Guttering contractors can do waterproofing—and painting—of roofs. They have the necessary tools and are skilled to work on top of buildings.

5 Tips when looking for Guttering

1. Consider the colour

Guttering is usually a visible feature of a building. Make sure it adds aesthetic value to the overall structure by picking a colour that complements the overall look and style.

2. Ask about guarantees

Most guttering contractors offer guarantees on parts and workmanship. Talk to your contractor about this. Know whether you can ask for help if something does start leaking. Make sure you have proof of this guarantee in hand, before the contractors leave your premises.

3. Talk about workers’ safety

South Africa has strict health and safety laws. As the owner of a premises, the safety of workers are partly your responsibility, not only the contractor’s. Discuss this with the guttering contractor and make sure the workers are safe as possible at all times, so you’re not implicated in the event of an accident.

4. Ask about gutter maintenance

Ask the contractor about necessary tasks such as clearing leaves from pipes. Doing maintenance yourself saves money in two ways:

  • You don’t have to pay someone else to do it.
  • Your gutters will need fewer repairs.

5. Discuss the plan in full

You know what you want your home to look like. This should be considered when guttering is planned. If you don’t want gutters to run down the front of your house, your guttering contractor can find ways of channelling water to the back of the property. Plan the structure together, so you get the most pleasing end result.

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