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A handyman helps home and business owners take care of daily challenges in terms of maintenance and repairs. A handyman is skilled to attend to a variety of problems in a building, including construction, plumbing and electrical problems. A handyman may be a more affordable option than contacting builders or other skilled workers who have a specific area of expertise.

Popular Handyman Services Include:

Work with various types of materials

South African homes contain a variety of materials in their structures and décor fittings. A handyman is usually skilled to work with any of these materials. Handymen can repair wooden objects just as easily as metal.

Cupboard installations

South Africans love asking a handyman to help with cupboard installations in kitchens and bathrooms. They feel more comfortable trusting a handyman in their personal space, rather than hiring a large corporation. Handymen’s understanding of different kinds of systems enables them to handle the plumbing along with the cupboard installation, so it simplifies the process.

Odd jobs

South Africa has many people who can’t do small repairs or DIY projects in their homes. This can be because of age, skill or because the necessary tools aren’t available. The easy answer is hiring a handyman who can quickly tend to a broken item, charging a small fee. This is more affordable than buying tools or hiring someone from a large company.

Decorative work

Some handymen have skills pertaining to aesthetics and décor. They can help give old furniture a new look. This is a popular trend in South African homes and can save some money, since you don’t have to purchase new furniture. Not all home owners have the knowledge to do it, so a handyman who can advise or do it on your behalf is the ideal option.

Technical work

Some DIY projects require a lot of skill and knowledge. Electrical work in a house should be tended to by a professional, so you can be sure the result is in line with South African safety requirements. A handyman may charge less than an electrician, but still deliver excellent workmanship.

5 Tips when Hiring a Handyman

1. Compare rates

Any contractor tries its luck by quoting exorbitant prices to uninformed clients. Avail yourself of what is seen as reasonable prices. Compare a few handymen’s prices to find out who gives the best value for money.

2. How far must they travel?

Many quotes include a travel fee. If you can find a handyman in your area, there’s no reason to pay high prices towards transport costs.

3. Can a handyman be trusted with the specific task?

A handyman has knowledge of many tasks, but most have an area of expertise. Use reviews and word of mouth to determine what each handyman’s forte is. Make sure you obtain the best help possible. This is especially important if you want a handyman to work on a dangerous area such as your electrical wiring.

4. What’s included in the service?

Some quotes can be misleading. Make sure you obtain a quote for labour as well as travel and parts if applicable. If you don’t double check, you may receive additional bills after the work is done that you never budgeted for.

5. Make sure the handyman has certification if necessary

How extensive is the work you need done? If a handyman needs to work on your building’s main structure or wiring, make sure he can give you a safety certificate after the work is done.

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