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Interior designers are trained to use creative and practical skills to transform building spaces. Interior designers can help clients use rooms to their full potential, so no space is wasted. They make sure office or living spaces are aesthetically pleasing through the dynamic use of colour and décor.

Popular Interior Design Services Include:

Planning and design

Interior designers are trained in aspects of architecture as well as aesthetics. This means they can help clients plan a room’s interior for dynamic use. An excellent example is that in South Africa they use the natural light brought by the sun to lighten up spaces through windows. They can plan the interior using their own knowledge, while taking a client’s preferences into consideration as well.

Supply of standard décor items

Apart from acting as advisors, interior designers supply décor items to clients. Clients can purchase items to use as they see fit, or acquire it according to an interior designer’s plan and advice. Items include:

  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Lamps
  • Furniture

A popular source of inspiration for décor styles in South Africa is the many cultures of the country.

Design and manufacture customised furniture

Some spaces require customised furniture. This can be to fit with a specific style, or to optimise usage of space. Many South African businesses request tables or seats that correspond with their company colours. By using these customised pieces in all offices, it increases the level of professionalism and connects different offices into a unit.

Transport, delivery and installation

South African interior designers offer additional services to give clients an all-round service. Most of these contractors have large vehicles to transport décor items. They can deliver the items to the client’s premises and assist in installation if necessary.

Decoration or renovation

Interior designers take part in decorating newly built spaces or old spaces that require renovation. South African home owners and office managers keep revamping spaces so buildings stay modern & retain their market value. Interior designers help these individuals plan changes and renovations so old spaces acquire new purpose & style.

5 Tips when you Hire Interior Designers

1. Look at their past projects

A room’s interior will only have a positive effect on visitors if the work was done well. Sloppy workmanship will easily be noticed, so you must employ interior designers known for their quality of work. Ask for a portfolio or visit other sites the designers handled, so you can make an informed decision on who to trust.

2. Do they understand your personal style?

Even though interior designers should be open-minded, many of them succumb to sticking to certain colours, fabrics or styles. Make sure your interior designers incorporate your wishes and preferences into the plan. You’re going to use the space, so you must love the end result.

3. Take your time

Planning the interior of a home or office is a huge responsibility and may take some time. Don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision. It’s more important that you know what you want, rather than settling for a second best look. Visit showrooms to help you visualise different styles and only decide when you’re sure what you want.

4. Plan your life around the transformation

When a room is being changed it may be out of use for some time, especially when painting is done and flooring changed. Ask the interior designers about the process so you know for how long you need to surrender the space to them. Remove valuable items from the room so it can’t be damaged and inform all people that usually use the room, so they can plan around it.

5. What can you handle yourself?

You may surprise yourself at the amount of creativity you have, so don’t think you can’t add to the process of transforming a room. Be part of the planning process and see which tasks you can perform yourself. You can save money in the process and the end result will feel familiar soon, since you helped to create it.

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