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An internet service provider is a company which affords services and components so clients can access the internet. These companies offer clients a range of services related to internet usage. They advise on how to effectively and affordably harness the power of the internet in personal & commercial contexts.

Popular Internet Services Include:

Granting internet access to clients

Anyone who wants to access the internet needs to acquire a connection method and pay for the service. An internet service provider helps its clients attain this goal. The company installs devices, creates a safe network and links them to the World Wide Web. An internet service provider charges a monthly rate for support services and the amount of data used during internet sessions.

Hosting clients’ websites

Individuals and businesses use websites to showcase products, services or ideas on the internet. These websites need to be connected to the internet so consumers can view them. An internet service provider can act as host. Part of hosting a website concerns the site’s domain name. ISP’s help clients find a name which has not been used elsewhere. The name should work for the South African market, as well as customers abroad.

Managing email accounts

Email is a primary communication method. South Africans can purchase an email address from an internet service provider to send and receive messages. A monthly payment is made for the benefit of using this address.

Web and marketing related services

Internet service providers help clients stay in par with international standards. They offer design and marketing services focused on using the World Wide Web. They stay informed about international trends, so they can help clients adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. This places South African businesses on the same level as international companies in terms of marketing.

Managing your connection type

The new trend in South Africa is to connect to the internet via fibre cables. These fibre-optic cables allow for faster internet communication than South Africa experienced before. Other options include ADSL, using telephone lines. These connection methods are offered and managed by internet service providers.

5 Tips when Hiring an Internet Service Provider

1. Make sure the package meets your needs

Many internet service provider companies advertise hosting packages at cheap prices. This may be adequate for personal use, but is usually not enough for businesses. Make sure you pick an ISP which can help you grow your business, instead of putting limits on your functioning.

2. What type of connection do you need?

Fibre-optics is the fastest way to connect to the internet, but it’s not available all over South Africa yet. It’s also more expensive than other connection methods. If you don’t need high speed internet, opt for a practical and affordable method so it doesn’t put you under unnecessary financial pressure.

3. Compare rates

There are many internet service provider companies in this country. There’s no need to settle for the first one you come across. Another company may offer customised packages that fit your requirements better. Take your time, compare rates and make sure you hire one that offers services in line with your needs.

4. What is the company’s focus?

Many types of companies offer hosting services as part of their product list. The company’s focus may be on another aspect such as marketing though. Rather opt for companies that are experts at hosting, so you know you get the best service.

5. Investigate their customer relations department

An internet service provider needs to be available at all times, because internet connections can develop problems at any time. This calls for excellent customer care departments, so your enquiries will be met with friendly, efficient service. What do other people say about the level of service of the ISP you’re considering to use?

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