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Landscaping turns an average garden into a stunning feature. The process involves planning, making adjustments to the layout and planting various types of flora. Landscaping contractors combine their in depth knowledge about plants and design aspects to help home owners revamp their gardens.

Popular Landscaping Services Include:

Garden design

The South African regions differ in terms of climate, rainfall and soil quality. Landscaping contractors take all these factors into consideration and help home owners plan their gardens. Layouts, styles and plants are discussed, so the end result is in line with the owners’ requirements.

Installation services

Not all South African regions receive a high rainfall and some rainfall seasons are better than others. Landscaping contractors make provision for these circumstances. Before a garden is planted, proper irrigation is installed, so the plants will always have enough water to survive. The contractors also install fountains and other decorative items to enhance the overall look.

Supplying and planting of flora

South Africa is rich in its variety of plants and flowers. Landscaping contractors know which plants are best to use. They source these plants from nurseries, have them delivered and plant them in the most appropriate place for optimum growth. This process includes laying of instant lawn where necessary.

General maintenance

After a garden is finished, the South African weather can play havoc with it. Harsh sun or rainstorms can damage plants and spoil the overall effect, if they’re not tended to. Landscaping contractors offer gardening maintenance services to help home owners look after their manicured gardens.

5 Tips when Hiring a Landscaper

1. What style do you want?

Make sure your personal style shines through in your garden. A landscape artist may prefer a certain style, but if you have a specific theme in mind, ask that it be used in the design. When you look out your windows you must love what you see.

2. What about eco-friendliness and sustainability?

South Africa does have drought scares from time to time and water is expensive. Talk to the landscaping contractor about using plants that require the least amount of water. This is beneficial to your budget, but is also an eco-friendly approach.

3. Do you want to stay native?

Some people prefer to use only native South African plants. If you’re one of these people, mention this to the landscapers, so they can keep this in mind during planning.

4. Think about logistical and safety challenges before you start

When you allow contractors onto your property, you increase security risks. Unfamiliar people will be working on your premises and you may not be able to keep entrance gates closed all the time. Discuss this with your family so they stay vigilant throughout the project.

It may also be disruptive to your general routine, since your whole premises may be dug up and mud will be everywhere. Plan ahead for these eventualities. Consider parking your car elsewhere to minimise traffic. Wear old shoes whenever you venture outside, so you don’t ruin a new pair.

5. Ask about training and affiliation

One way of determining a contractor’s value is to ask about the training he or she has done. South Africa has landscaping institutes that make sure their members offer quality work to the public. If your landscaper is a member of such an institute it’s a good sign that he or she will keep to a certain standard of service.

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