Service Guide for Massage Therapists

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A massage is relaxing, but also carries health benefits. Toxins are released and can be flushed from the body. Massage therapists are well trained so their techniques help muscles relax without damaging tissue. A massage is the perfect way to relax away from one’s usual routine.

Popular Massage Services Include:

Variety of massage options

South African massage therapists are trained to offer a variety of techniques that were developed the world over. These include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Aromatherapy massage

Some spas specialise in a certain type. The techniques can be applied to the back, the neck, feet, hands or the entire body.


The perfect activity to pair with a massage, is a sauna. During a sauna session all the toxins that were released during a massage, can be flushed from the body. Clients feel refreshed and healthier afterwards.

Massage products supplier

South African spas sell international beauty brands, so clients know they’re getting the best products on the market. Clients can obtain oils and creams to use at home, or as gifts for others.

Other spa treatments

Most spas offer massage services along with other health and beauty treatments. This includes:

  • Nail treatments
  • Facials
  • Exfoliation
  • Waxing

5 Tips when Booking Massage Services

1. Keep an eye out for special packages

Visiting a spa can be expensive, but keep your eye out for specials. Most spas that offer massage services have specials from time to time. You may get the ultimate relaxation session at an affordable price.

2. Remember your etiquette

Salons that offer massage services usually tend to a number of clients at one time. Make sure your behaviour benefits the staff and other clients. Keep speaking volumes low and don’t smoke in the presence of others. Arrive early, so you don’t mess with the vendor’s schedule.

3. Discuss your allergies and injuries

Massage oils and creams contain many ingredients such as herbs and chemicals. If you know you’re allergic to something, mention it to the massage therapist. He or she must make sure the products they use don’t contain that element, otherwise your health can suffer.

4. Plan your day well

A massage session leaves you feeling calm and physically relaxed. Make sure you don’t have any stressful tasks planned after your massage, so the effect can linger for a while. You may also have oily residue in your hair or skin after a massage, so don’t book business meetings after a massage, where people may frown upon your appearance.

5. What pressure must the therapists apply?

Massage therapists are trained to apply different kinds of pressure during a session. Therapists must ask you what pressure—low, medium or hard—you prefer. Discuss it with the therapist so you don’t experience discomfort or pain during your session.

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