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A mechanic has the knowledge to test for problems on mechanical objects and attempt to repair them. Mechanics usually work on vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. However, they can also repair household items such as air conditioning or fridges. A mechanic combines theoretical knowledge of how a machine works and practical skills to build & repair.

Popular Mechanic Services Include:

Mechanical repairs and replacements

South Africans see their vehicles as their pride and joy. Mechanics help them repair and maintain these vehicles. If a problem occurs, mechanics use their knowledge and the OBD system to determine where the problem lies. Mechanics can repair or build a necessary part. Alternatively they source it from manufacturers, install it and make sure it works. This includes:

  • Brakes
  • Suspensions
  • Cylinders

Vehicle services

South Africans know regular car servicing is vital to keep a vehicle in excellent working order. Extreme heat and cold temperatures in certain parts of the country make this even more important. Spiking temperatures can have an effect on an engine. Mechanics are knowledgeable in basic service techniques, so a car can be serviced while other problems are tended to.

Auto electrical repairs

Many mechanics are trained in auto electrical aspects as well. These mechanics offer South Africans a one stop option. All problems—whether mechanical or electrical—can be tended to in one repair session. If the source of the problem is unknown, this is convenient, because the owner doesn’t have to visit another vendor for the same problem.

Engine overhaul

Some South Africans love and own older—even antique—vehicles. Sooner or later, the engine may experience huge problems. A mechanic can overhaul the entire engine—or parts of it—so the car can run smooth again.

5 Tips when Hiring a Mechanic

1. Ask about warrantees

Some mechanic services should have warrantees attached to them. This can be in terms of parts or workmanship. Discuss this with the mechanic before work is started. This is a sign of the quality of work you will receive. If something does go wrong, you must know whether you’re eligible for a free service call or not.

2. Can the work be done on your premises?

Some mechanics offer to do work on a client’s premises. This is convenient if a vehicle doesn’t want to run at all. Look for a company that offers this so you don’t have to pay any towing services.

3. What do other clients think of the mechanic’s workmanship?

It’s wise to ask for people’s opinions. If a mechanic is known for excellent workmanship, chances are that you’ll receive the same standard of work. Reviews and word of mouth are two ways of making sure you pick the best mechanic for the job. You can also ask about mechanics’ training and background, to determine their expertise.

4. Communicate with your manufacturer

If a local mechanic does minor repairs on your vehicle, make sure your manufacturer’s guarantee won’t be influenced. Some mechanics are approved vendors of certain vehicle brands. Ask about your mechanic’s approval rating before you commit to have work done.

5. What is the mechanic’s speciality?

Many mechanics have a speciality. Some only work on motorcycles, while others have more knowledge about trucks or aeroplanes. Use a mechanic who is used to working on your type of vehicle. You have a bigger chance of receiving accurate diagnostics and excellent workmanship.

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