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Mobile devices are essential to people’s daily lives. If one breaks, the search is on to find the best mobile device repairs vendor. This becomes more important as mobile devices become more advanced. Owners can no longer risk fixing devices themselves. Companies who offer mobile device repairs have tools and knowledge to safely open, repair or replace components.

Popular Mobile Device Repairs Services Include:

Repairs on exterior

South Africans carry mobile devices wherever they go. This results in devices sometimes falling on pavements or other hard surfaces. Screens often crack and buttons may stop responding. Mobile device repairs vendors replace broken screens and can fix or replace buttons & exterior parts.

Replacing batteries and charging ports

South African teenagers are known for constantly being on their mobile devices. Constant use and malfunctioning charging ports can result in batteries overheating. This is dangerous, because faulty charging components can result in fire. Companies who handle mobile device repairs supply new batteries and fix ports so a device is safe for use again.

Repair or replace components

A mobile device has many sensitive components such as a camera, speaker and microphone. These components can malfunction or get damaged. Vendors repair and replace these components, so owners can have full use of the device once again.

Sorting out malfunctioning features

Not all South Africans are used to mobile devices yet. Elderly citizens may receive one as a gift, but have no idea how to operate it. Some features need settings adjustments before they work fully. Vendors who offer repairs also have knowledge about setting adjustments. They help less knowledgeable individuals to customise their devices for optimum functionality.

Selling mobile device accessories

In South Africa, mobile devices are as much a style statement as a functional item. Vendors sell accessories such as covers so owners can customise their devices’ exterior looks.

5 Tips when in need of Mobile Device Repairs

1. Does the company know your brand?

Some vendors specialise in a certain brand or type of device. Go to a vendor who knows your brand and model, so you can be sure the technician won’t damage your device further.

2. What do other people say about their service?

It’s smart to listen to word of mouth news about repair vendors. If they’re really worth the money you’re going to spend, people will be talking about their exceptional service. Mobile devices are so central to society’s functioning, that an excellent repair technician quickly becomes known to the local community.

3. How long will repairs take?

You need to discuss a timeline with the vendor. Some repairs can be done while you wait a few minutes. Other repairs require the device be sent to manufacturers or expert technicians. If it’s going to take a few days, you may need to obtain another device to use in the meantime.

4. Do you have a backup of the information?

If your device needs to be sent away to a factory or technician, there’s a chance it may be formatted and reset to factory settings. If this is the case, make sure you have a backup of the valuable information on your device, before you hand it over to the vendor.

5. Consider the cost

Enquire about the cost and the likelihood the problem being fixed, before you hand over your device. You need to weigh this cost with the price of a new device. If it’s a huge expense, with no guarantee that your device can be completely repaired, it may be wiser to invest in a new device.

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