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Nail technicians at spas and beauty salons help people look after their nails and hands. Nail care is not only about beauty, but also about health. Nails reflect the overall health of the body. Nail technicians can tell people what health concerns they should attend to, simply by looking at a person’s hands. They are also trained to creatively enhance nails according to the client’s wishes.

Popular Nail Care Services Include:


South Africans’ hands are exposed to harsh UV rays every day. People also use their hands for many tasks that dry out skin and nails. Nail technicians help people look after their hands and decorate the nails through manicures. A manicure can involve the following:

  • Hand and arm massage to relieve tension
  • Use of cream to nourish the skin
  • Applying a layer of nail polish
  • Using longer lasting substances to colour and protect nails, such as:
  • Acrylic nails
  • Gel nails
  • Tips on front of nails
  • Nail maintenance


Feet are under constant pressure as they carry people during their daily duties. Toe nails can quickly deteriorate if not looked after. South African summers are perfect for walking with open-toed shoes. A pedicure helps that people can walk in wear open shoes with confidence, because their feet look great. A pedicure can include:

  • A massage to help relieve tension and release built up toxins
  • Tending to cracked heels
  • Painting toe nails, or covering them in acrylic or gel

Product supplier

South African women love taking time out to pamper themselves at home. Beauty salons sell quality nail products to the public. Nail technicians give training to help people use these products effectively.

Gentlemen’s services

Many South Africans see themselves as ‘metro-men’ and enjoy nail care services and other beauty treatments. Some salons cater specifically for men. They use nail care products that are designed specifically for men, in terms of fragrances and ingredients used.

Other health and beauty services

Many spas are built in South Africa’s natural beauty such as the bushveld. These spas have tranquil spaces where clients can take a break away from their regular routines. These spas offer nail care treatments, but also many other services such as massages and facials.

5 Tips when looking for a Nail Care Technician

1. What products and brands are used?

Some people’s skin is sensitive or they have allergies. If you’re one of them, mention this to the nail care technician. He or she can make sure only safe products are used during treatments.

2. Look for specials

Many salons offer occasional specials to attract new clients. They usually promote these specials on social media. Keep an eye out for upcoming specials. You may enjoy quality treatments at a fraction of the usual price.

3. Time your nail treatments

When planning your next nail treatment, think about the activities that lie ahead. If there’s an activity in the near future that may cause damage to nails, you may want to postpone the nail care appointment. You don’t want to waste money on a beautiful set of nails, only to have it ruined by a gardening day.

4. Remember etiquette

When you visit a spa, you can enhance your own and other people’s experiences by using proper etiquette. Spas prefer the following:

  • Don’t talk too loud
  • Arrive early
  • Smoking is usually not allowed

5. Ask about maintenance at home

Nail care products, such as acrylic nails, are durable, but only when looked after. Ask your nail technician how you should maintain your nails at home. You may need to avoid certain soaps or chemicals, so your nails can look amazing for an extended period.

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