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In a technologically advanced society IT and network specialists have the important task of setting up networks in homes and offices. These networks include printers, hard drives and other resources to streamline activities. IT professionals help users maintain them for optimum efficiency.

Popular Networking Services Include:

Setting up a network

South Africa has different internet sources such as mobile data, fibre and telephone lines. Network specialists find the ideal way of connecting users to an internet source, via routers and modems. These specialists also set up the network at a home or office, via cabling or wireless connections. They install the best connections, for fast and high quality sharing and communication between different components in the network.

Hiring of components

Some South Africans have the knowledge to create their own network. They do need to obtain the various components—such as modems—from a supplier. Networking vendors sell and hire out these components to the public.

Supplier of components, cabling and software

When you need to replace a component or enhance your network, you can purchase all necessary items from networking vendors. These products include:

- Cabling - Software - Computer and laptop sales

General IT services

Vendors who assist with networking, usually offer a variety of other IT services. This includes:

  • Hosting services
  • Web design
  • Data recovery
  • Cloud solutions
  • Backup solutions

Customer service

Network problems can occur at any moment. This is especially necessary with some South African internet sources being unreliable. Networking vendors offer customer support via telephone or online. The first step is to determine the source of the problem. If it can’t be sorted out remotely, a technician visits the site.

5 Tips when Planning a Network

1. Compare rates to find a balanced solution

Networking vendors have different areas of focus and expertise. This influences their pricing. Find a vendor who is an expert in the area you require, but who offers acceptable rates.

2. What do other people say about their service?

It’s wise to listen to other people’s opinions of a networking vendor. Read online reviews, or ask for references. You’ll soon determine what the standard is of its customer service and general workmanship.

3. Pick a company near you

Some networking problems can only be fixed on site. If your networking consultant is in your area, you may receive better service, because they can easily reach you.

4. Discuss new technological developments

New technology and gadgets are constantly being developed. It may benefit your company or home in terms of faster and more secure communication. Don’t simply settle for the usual networking components. Ask your vendor about new items on the market, and implement them if they can benefit you. Using state of the art technology means you won’t have to upgrade soon.

5. Talk about security

Anyone using a network runs the risk of online fraud and cyber-attacks. Make sure your networking vendor installs effective security software. Make sure this software is updated regularly and ask the technician about other ways you can keep your network safe.

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