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In a technologically advanced era, offices can function faster and more effective. This is achieved through the installation of a variety of machinery and software. Office automation vendors analyse the needs of a specific office and advise on practical options. These vendors supply and install these components & software. They help maintain them as well, so offices keep functioning well.

Popular Office Automation Services Include:

Supply and maintain printers and copiers

International trends move towards a paperless business market, but all South African companies aren’t functioning on that level yet. Printing and copying are necessary daily tasks. Office automation vendors help companies find affordable solutions for these tasks. These machines can be bought, or acquired on a contract basis.

Improving telecommunications in the office

South Africa is constantly developing its communication infrastructure. This enables businesses and the public to communicate better, as long as telecommunication systems are installed & upgraded regularly. These systems require a central switchboard, cabling, various handsets for offices and a quality telephone connection. Office automation technicians can install and upgrade systems as required.

Making software work for the company

Computers and their software ushered in a new era for offices. South African businesses stay up to date with developments, to make sure they can compete on an international level. Customised software helps companies deal with certain tasks faster, such as accounting and stocktaking.

Computers and their software also create an easier way of information capturing. Documents can be stored in a digital format, instead of on paper. This saves space as well as time, because it’s easier to find certain information.

General office streamlining

Office automation vendors help companies perform many daily tasks, by supplying effective equipment. This includes:

  • Stationery
  • Ink for printers
  • Guillotines
  • Laminators
  • Binding machines

Maintenance services

All the equipment supplied by an office automation vendor need regular maintenance. Office automation vendors offer maintenance contracts and can come to offices on request when needed. They replace worn out components and repair damaged cabling when necessary.

5 Tips when Planning Office Automation

1. Pick the correct brand of machines

Famous brands have a following for a reason. Consider investing in more expensive machines that have an excellent reputation, rather than using cheaper brands. These brands may break often, which can become more costly than purchasing quality machines from the start.

2. Don’t be blindsided – make sure of the detail

An office automation contract contains a lot of detailed information. Make sure you understand exactly how payments and monthly charges will work. Ask about the following, so you can plan for expenses and prepare for any eventuality:

  • Do you have to pay call out fees when repairs are needed?
  • What costs will apply when you print more pages than the contract stipulates?
  • How quick will a technician visit the site if repairs are necessary?

3. How easy is the maintenance procedure?

Most printing machines require you to report on the amount of prints done in a given time. Modern technology allows for these readings to be communicated to a service provider automatically. This saves time and effort for office staff. Discuss modern features with your vendor, so you get the most practical option installed.

4. Remember to insure your machine

Office machines are very expensive. Remember to add machines to your insurance policy, so you can replace them if a power surge damages them, or when they’re stolen. Update the information if your machine is upgraded to a newer model, otherwise you won’t be able to claim.

5. Plan for the long term

Think about your business’ needs in future when planning a telecommunications system. Replacing small units can become costly. Obtain big enough switchboards that can accommodate more employees if you plan on expanding.

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