Service Guide for Office Consumables

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Offices are the heart of any business, but they need consumables to function effectively. Office consumables are widely available, but it’s necessary to find a reputable supplier who can fulfil all your office’s requirements. Companies who supply office consumables have a wide variety of merchandise and usually deliver, to make the purchase procedure effortless.

Popular Office Consumable Services Include:

General stationery

Though paperless processes are ideal, this is not a realistic option yet. South African businesses still require a lot of paper for day to day tasks. Companies who supply office consumables have different types of stationery on offer such as:

  • Paper and books
  • Pens and pencils
  • Scissors
  • Staplers and punches

Toner and ink cartridges

South Africans rely on printers and scanners for effective functioning. Companies who stock office consumables keep toner and ink in supply. Therefore, clients can purchase general stationery and toner from one vendor. Depending on the type of printer in the office, this may be a more affordable option than purchasing from the printer manufacturer.

Office groceries

South Africans love their coffee and tea throughout the day. Many offices supply these to employees to create a friendly work atmosphere. Suppliers of office consumables keep basic groceries—such as tea, milk and sugar—on their product list. This enables clients to purchase all their office needs from one supplier.

Furniture and equipment

Some companies expand their product range beyond consumables and offer furniture and equipment such as:

  • Laminators
  • Guillotines
  • Binders

They have the knowledge about what offices need to function well. They apply this information to obtain dynamic items as part of their stock. Once again it helps clients to save time, when all required office items can be obtained from one vendor.

Corporate branding and gift services

A popular way of promoting South African businesses is via corporate branded items. These are given to clients, the public and partners during marketing campaigns. Companies who sell office consumables also provide these items, so businesses can do all regular purchases at one supplier. This saves time on vetting and getting to know a new supplier.

5 Tips when in need of Office Consumables

1. Compare quotes

It’s necessary to properly investigate suppliers before committing to one for the future. Many of these suppliers offer more affordable prices than general stores. By properly perusing a few product lists, you’ll quickly see who offers the best prices, which can save a lot of money in the future.

2. What is their turn-around time?

Some office consumables you order are essential to have in the office every day. Ask your supplier how soon they deliver after you place an order. Plan your orders accordingly, so you never run out of consumables before they bring new supplies.

3. Ask about opening an account

Many agencies who sell office consumables are willing to open an account for regular customers, which can be settled monthly. If you need supplies for a large company, this is ideal. You can have items delivered on busy office days, without wasting time on payments.

4. Look at the variety of products available

It’s essential to find a supplier that offers all that your office may need. If you settle on a company with limited stock, it may force you to waste time on shopping elsewhere or vetting another company. Do your homework beforehand, so you know you have the ideal solution for every situation.

5. Ask about delivery fees

Some companies who sell office consumables deliver the items to clients. This may be an additional expense, but it will save you time. The cost is determined by the distance between you and the supplier, as well as the amount of items you buy. Enquire about this aspect, so you can budget accordingly. You may even be offered the service for free as part of the company’s marketing campaign.

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