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Optometrists handle the important task of looking after people’s eyes. Problems they handle include vision problems, which can be corrected with glasses, and diseases which call for medicine or operations. Extensive medical training is needed to fulfil this task and optometrists use specialised machines to help them make a diagnosis.

Popular Optometrist Services Include:

Eye tests

Eye tests determine the strength of people’s eyes and whether they are near or far sighted. People need this information to determine if they need glasses to function better. South African traffic laws require drivers to have eye tests done to obtain driver’s licences. These tests can be done by optometrists—instead of at the traffic department—to speed up a licencing process.

Provide eyewear

Eyewear helps people combat the effect of eye sight problems. Glasses can even help rectify certain problems. South African optometrists offer eyewear that are in line with the latest world fashions so glasses can be a stylish accessory and a practical solution. Clients can get prescription sunglasses to protect their eyes against dangerous UV rays.

Home services

Optometrists make it easy to obtain new glasses by allowing people to fit frames at home, instead of travelling to an optometrist’s practice. This is ideal for senior members of society. Clients receive a box with frames, make their decision and inform the optometrist. They wait for lenses to be cut and fitted and then the finished pair is delivered to the client’s home.

Diagnose eye diseases

Optometrists can test for and diagnose a range of eye diseases. The South African climate of bright sun and dry air isn’t beneficial for these problems. Optometrists can help treat the condition or refer a client to a specialist in extreme cases.

Supply contact lenses

Contact lenses can help people see well. It’s not the answer for every sight deficiency, but if it can help it’s an effortless alternative to glasses. Clients don’t have to take out these lenses during sports. If you only have a normal pair of sunglasses, use them while you wear your contact lenses. You can still have perfect vision while protecting your eyes from South Africa’s UV rays.

5 Tips When Looking for an Optometrist

1. Enquire about specials

Many optometrists offer specials throughout the year. This is to boost their sales, but you may be able to get prescription sunglasses at a fraction of the usual price.

2. Make sure the practice uses state of the art technology

Technology improves health care all the time. This empowers health workers—including optometrists—to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Do research about new methods and ask your optometrists whether it’s applied in their practice yet. Make sure you get the best treatment possible.

3. Make sure it’s covered by your medical aid

Glasses and optometrist services are expensive. Medical aids do cover some of these expenses, but there are usually some limits and guidelines. Confirm with your medical aid what they take responsibility for so you’re not faced with unexpected bills.

4. Enquire about their social involvement

It’s worth it to support companies and practices that care about the community. This means you help fund worthwhile projects while you get your eyes checked. Many optometrists are involved in projects that benefit lower income families. Ask about your optometrist’s activities. Your enquiry may even inspire some professionals to get more involved.

5. Ask experts’ opinions before you pick a frame

Getting a new pair of glasses can be exciting. It’s like shopping and a way of staying stylish, even in terms of eyewear. Optometrists are skilled at picking the correct frame for a specific age and face shape. Ask them for suggestions and advice so you pick a frame that will enhance your overall look.

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